Sunday, December 21, 2008


Which of the Seven Deadly Sins do you commit most?

The sin I commit the most is that of Envy. Yes, I want what others have. How do I envy thee? I cannot even begin to count the ways....

Everyone I know from school as children and/or pets. I have neither and am especially envious of those with kids. Everytime I see someone getting married, I envy the romantic wedding they are having, not to mention the wedding shower they have before hand and the baby shower to follow. I always want to be the one who is the guest of honor at such an event. Even better if I were the guest of honor, I'd have some pictures to put up on my Facebook page. Everyone I know on FB has put up photo albums, with their kids, pets and events as the subjects of the albums. Which brings me to another source of my envy...

Parties. Rarely, if ever, do I get to go to anyone's party. I did get to go a party for Halloween in 2005, but that was well before Facebook and at the time I did not post pictures on the web. Parties are the other main subject of people's Facebook photo albums. I never get to have parties, because well, it's complicated. For one thing, I'm always afraid no one would come. I tried to get some people from college to come to my 21st birthday in 1992, but no one would come. Another problem is where to have it. My home is not an option: I live in a single-wide mobile home, too small even for five people to come over. Barely enough room for everyone to either sit or stand, and only three rooms besides the bedroom and bathroom. Outside is just as crowded, if not worse. I have loose boards in front of my storage shed which I have not been able to get fixed (long story). I don't want anyone to trip on them. Also there is no lighting on the back porch or the lawn, both of which are also quite small. We have a clubhouse at our mobile home park, but we have to put down a deposit of $500, plus $200 for use and cleanup in order to use the house. And we're not allowed to use the clubhouse past 10PM--I know no one will want to have to leave that early. To have a party at a restaurant or community center would also cost a lot and some of these also have the 10PM restriction. It also requires liabilty insurance. Anyone know what that is? I know I don't have it and likely cannot afford it. Because of this, I did not--and likely never will-- have the party I've wanted to have.

It sounds like such a good idea. And now I'll never get to to do it! Esepcially for my birthday! It's in January--such a bad time for abirthday, so soon after Christmas.

And it would be such a good set of photos for my Facebook page...

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