Monday, February 16, 2009

Confusion over Digital TV conversion

Even though the transition to Digital TV has been delayed until June some stations are going to switch over on the originally scheduled date of February 17, tomorrow. I've had my box since JUne of last year and just began to try hook it up in order to pick up my local Fox station one of the stations that will forge ahead with dropping the analog signal on tomorrow's date. Once I got the box up, I started to pick up this station but can't get it now! My local NBC affiliate and its weather substation are all I get right now! I can get this station in digital right now, even though they're not dropping the analog signal until the new June date.

I have to admit I don't watch a lot of network TV, but I like to watch the news on my NBC station and reruns of shows such as "Friends" and "The Simpsons"on the Fox station and I usually watch the Sunday night Fox lineup. I'm also peeved I'm not getting the nearby ION Station which I occasionally watch, sometimes the Family Feud (the new one with John O"Hurley, the catalog guy on "Seinfeld.") These were the only channels I got before the transition. My mom hooked up her box and gets a lot of Spanish-language stations. I don't need those, but am wondering why they aren't coming in. I was never able to get the local
CBS station, and was hoping the digital transition would change that. No such luck. And they too are switching off the analog signal tomorrow (they and the Fox station are sister stations).

I can't afford cable and am wondering if I will get to watch just a little TV!

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