Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beware of the Seven Deadly Sins of Vehicle Neglect

I spotted this poster at my local auto repair shop today when I went to get some work done on my car.
The poster was from the Mighty Auto Parts company and said to Ask how we can help you protect your vehicle's seven vital systems.

The Seven Sins on the poster are as follows:
Oil System: Sludge-filled crankcase and excessive engine wear.
Fuel System: Clogged fuel injectors and mileage-robbing intake deposits.
Transmission System: Overheated, neglected fluid, clogged filtration system and hardened seals.
Cooling System: Clogging and rust corrosion, leaks, and coolant breakdown.
Power Steering System: Suspended particles and accumulated residue.
Brake System: Dirty, noisy unsafe components and low fluid levels.
Maintenance System: Dirt, excessive wear, rust, corrosion, and squeaks.

The corresponding Seven Virtues are:
Oil System: Do More than just change your oil. Have your oil system thoroughly cleaned and wear-protected for longer life.
Fuel System: Regular cleaning and fuel performance treatments to restore power and mileage.
Transmission System: Regular flushing, fluid protection treatments and replacement of filters for long life and smooth operation.
Cooling System: Regular flushing and protection treatments to avoid overheating.
Power Steering System: Periodic flushing and protection treatments to insure dependable steering.
Brake System: Regular fluid maintenance, brake system inspection and lubrication of key components for quite, safe, stops.
Maintenance System: Regular use of high-quality Mighty VS7 lubricants, cleaners, corrosion inhibitors and general maintenance products.

Beware of the sins indeed!


  1. "Crankcase" is a funny word. It makes me think of a really grumpy person.

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