Monday, July 6, 2009

Honoring a recently deceased celebrity by buying his products

No, I'm not talking about Michael Jackson, and I didn't buy one of his CDs or DVDs. I'm talking about Billy Mays, the Oxi Clean guy, and how I got a jar of Oxi Clean at Walmart this afternoon. I had a coupon for the stuff. The Oxi Clean purchased today is pictured at left in my cleaning supplies closet. It's been a long time since I bought and used Oxi Clean,Orange Glo or Kaboom products, a fact that occurred to mean as soon as I learned learned he'd died a week ago yesterday, only three days after Jackson (the two were the same age, both 50). When checking my Twitter page that day, I saw that Oxi Clean was one of the hot topics that day, and I wondered how that could be. That's when I heard.

I just recently found this link from . It's still months before Halloween, but I'm now beginning to wonder how many people I will see in the guise of the late pop star. Farrah Fawcett, on the other hand, probably won't be as popular, at least among the younger folks who don't know much about her. I showed the above link to the discussion community on Buy Costumes, suggesting the Oxi Clean guy as a possible Halloween guise this year. One person she she could not imagine anyone going as the Oxi Clean guy. I believe however, that if anyone chose to be Billy Mays, they certainly would be outnumbered by those in disguise as Michael Jackson. I then discovered this link. And this--from before he died! However notice this discussion:

I will no longer be Billy Mays for Halloween this year out of respect for the deceased.
Are you trying to be funny, or were you legitimately planning on being Billy Mays for Halloween? I think that's an excellent costume idea! If anything, you should be Mays for Halloween to celebrate the man's life... kind of like the Joker outfit celebrating Heath Ledger.

Perhaps the same argument can be made about Michael Jackson, who will no doubt be more popular that either Farrah Fawcett or Billy Mays.

Anyway, back to Oxi Clean. It's about time I started using it again when I next do my laundry. Why I haven't used it in year, I have no clue. And I need to clean out the ring about my toilet bowl, perhaps a purchase of this Kaboom product is in order soon. I've tried this stuff once before and it worked well. Why I haven't used it regularly I don't know, but I'm thinking I should. Nothing else I've tried recently to get rid of the toilet bowl ring seems to be working.

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