Sunday, July 26, 2009

In the grocery store, not on TV

Ever see the shelf tags Safeway uses on Nabisco brand snacks, abbreviating the cookie and cracker company name (which is itself an abbreviation of  National Biscuit Company) as NBC which has always seemed funny to me.  I would often find  it funny to see something like "NBC Crackers" on the shelf tags.  I especially thought this one that I spotted the other day was funny:  NBC Classics.  All the classic Nabisco cookies (including the animal cookies in pink and white frosting).  Yet NBC Classics sounds like something that would be on the NBC network or a  DVD collection of such programming  and not like something in a grocery store.   And certainly not something that  would only be $2.99.
Strangely enough National Biscuit Company did once abbreviate itself N.B.C.  

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