Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Episodes

I didn't put a lot of Halloween movies in my Netflix queue this year.  I did already have the SpongeBob Halloween DVD in the queue (along with two other SpongeBob DVDs) so I moved it toward the top.  It's alternately been on "Available  Now" and "Short Wait" the last week or so and is currently "Available Now."  It's in slot 2 right now.  

I also added the first Disc of Season Eight of Friends to watch their only Halloween episode. Yes, in 10 years they had several Christmas/Winter Holiday  and Thanksgiving Episodes, but only one Halloween episode aired the day after Halloween in 2001.  The disc is in  slot 1 of my queue and I'm guessing it will arrive on Tuesday at the earliest.  

Unfortunately "Family Matters" isn't on DVD, or else I would queue it to watch the Halloween episode from the 1990-1991 season, "Dog Day Halloween."  The title refers to the 1975 flick "Dog Day Afternoon," and involves Steve Urkel and Laura being among the people held hostage during a bank robbery on Halloween.  The robber is a man disguised as Abraham Lincoln.   Laura's disguise as Tina Turner becomes a running gag as the robber thinks she's every other African-American female singer out there (he misses Gladys Knight somehow).  The episode is on YouTube , as is the "Friends" episode for those who don't want to rent or buy the DVD.  I wish I could buy the DVD right now. 

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  1. I wish Happy Days episodes were available online. There was a Halloween episode in which Fonzie was in the hospital on Halloween night in the children's ward, and he kept them company by telling them ghost stories. It's a cute episode.