Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Halloween Decorations

I've actually had these up since the last Sunday in September, enduring a a very hot day to put them up.  I wanted t get them up by the fist, but with the first being on a Thursday, I decided to start the preceding weekend.  My hands got dirty from crumpling up newspapers to stuff my pumpkin bags and giant spider bags with. The smaller pumpkins I've had for about four years, but the larger pumpkin and the spider I got in August a thrift store run by the local hospital.   
Also acquired from the above-mentioned thrift store is this light decoration.  Unfortunately, it has to rest on the window ledge because I've been unable to get suction cups or anything that could hold it up (just one of those things that slips my mind when I've got other stuff to think about). I have this  in the window near the kitchen table (this window faces the driveway).  Also taped to the window are those little hanging ghosts. I got the idea to tape them to the window because I was too lazy to stuff the head and find places from which to hang them. 

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