Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I first saw the movie Se7en  just four days before Halloween in 2007.  I later got the DVD at Best Buy--and it was a good buy indeed. I have a Best Buy membership and was sent a coupon in December 2007. I got $5 off the DVD which was on sale for $8.99; thus getting the DVD for $3.99.  I plan to watch it sometime before Halloween.  The subject of the Seven Deadly Sins is what prompted me to rent this film from Netflix two years ago.  It's one of the few scary movies I've been able to watch--I'm not much for the scary genre.  And this year I've only got one Halloween movie in my Netflix queue--the SpongeBob Halloween DVD.   When I first got Netflix in 2007, I had several Halloween movies in my queue that year and a few more last year around this time.  Can't find any I want to see this year.  

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