Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not watching the game

I'm not a sports person and I'm not watching the Superbowl today.   Needing to get a cell phone card by Tuesday was one thing I had planned for today, but when I went to Target today, they did not have the one I need.  A drive over to Safeway led me to a packed parking lot, with people no doubt getting beer, soda, chips and other necessary snacks before the game. And those who just needed to get food and weren't able to get to Safeway yesterday. I was unable to get to Safeway yesterday only because I was doing my taxes.  It was as bad as--if not worse than--trying  to go to the store on the day before Thanksgiving or on Christmas Eve, something I tried hard to avoid in recent years. Maybe the Superbowl really is a holiday?  Savemart, on the other hand was less packed (and that usually is the case) but they too did not have the phone card I need.   So I went home decided for a while and  to see what time the game starts so I could make an attempt to go to Safeway. Looking at the TV insert from the Sunday paper, I discovered the game started at 3:30, with a pregame show at 3PM, I went to Safeway then.  The parking lot was still full, but a few spaces were available.  Success!

And I won't be watching the Olympics starting this Friday.  My local NBC station carries Oprah Winfrey at 4PM on weekdays and will be showing her show at 2PM starting on February 15 for two weeks only. I will either be turning off the TV when the games come on, or I will be playing whatever Netflix movies I receive over those two weeks, when I receive them.  I know I'll be receiving "Marley and Me" by the end of this month.  As I stated earlier, I bought and read the book last month and am glad to have read it before seeing the movie. 

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