Saturday, April 24, 2010

Summer Movies I Am Waiting to See

Summer is nearing and that means time for summer blockbusters at the movie theaters. Of all the summer movies I am waiting to see, one is the comedy "Grown Ups."   I knew once I heard about the movie I would be going to see it.   I tend to like these kinds of raunchy comedies.  They showed a preview of this (during "Death at a Funeral"when I saw that one last weekend) and I was already laughing as was most of the rest of the audience that day.  I'll be seeing this when it releases on June 25.  See the trailer below.

I'm also looking forward to the "Shrek" sequel on May 21, and may just re-watch the first three over the next three weeks (I have the first and third ones on DVD).   Also going to see the "Toy Story" and "Twilight" sequels.  So far these are the only ones I've definitely planned on seeing, but I will be looking out for other possibilities.  See this list for month-by-month summer releases.  

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