Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Toy Story 3," now waiting for "Grown Ups"

Finally saw "Toy Story 3" on Tuesday night and thought it was good.  If only I'd been able to rewatch the first two, but that would have necessitated re-ordering my Netflix queue or shelling out for DVDs, something I can't afford right now.  If could I surely would get all the DVDs eventually.   And I saw the 3D version, as I'd done with "Shrek Forever After" last month.

Tomorrow is another summer film I have been waiting to see since I learned about it two months ago:  "Grown Ups," starring  Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and David Spade.   After seeing the tailer on You Tube, I knew this was one I would be seeing.   Been excited for it and tomorrow it's finally here!  I'm hoping to get a showing tomorrow afternoon.  I rarely got to a movie on opening day, as I almost always work on Fridays, but I managed to see "Get Him to the Greek" on its opening day three weeks ago.   I loved that one and am hoping to get the DVD when it arrives, though  that is still months away.  And I know that if I love "Grown Ups" as much as I am sure I will, I will be after the DVD on that one when it comes out.  Even though that will be months away.  I'm hoping I can afford all these DVDs eventually.

Meanwhile, I am excited to see "Grown Ups" tomorrow and am also looking forward to the next "Twilight" movie next Wednesday.  Probably will not go on day one, though, since it's likely going to be crowded, something I don't expect for "Grown Ups," which I will make an effort to get to after work sometime tomorrow. 

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