Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Episodes: Frasier

I have been looking for and watching Halloween-themed episodes of different TV shows.  I just watched the  Halloween episode of  "Frasier" from 1997 on You Tube.  This is the episode in which the cast attends a literary-themed party at Niles's house as well as the episode in which Roz discovers she might be pregnant.   I thought it was funny how Bulldog showed up as Waldo. I'm guessing Frasier's son never read those books, if Frasier was not aware of the character.   For those not aware, here is some info on  "The Story of 'O.'"

Unfortunately, the user doesn't allow the episode to embedded, so here is the link to that episode.  

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  1. Huzzah! Excellent choice! If only the Druids had had the joy of Hallowe'en episodic television; perchance they might swapped a little Treehouse of Horror or X-Files viewing time for human sacrifices. Meh. Maybe not :)

    Should you choose to venture into my neck of the Hallowe'en woods, you shall I've an extensive list of fave Hallowe'en episodes as well as films and books. (I've got a couple of Hallowe'en posts; feel free to browse.)