Friday, April 29, 2011

I didn't read the book but...

...I went to see "Water for Elephants" this past Monday. I've said in the past that I have sometimes gone to see a movie based on a book without having read the book. But in some cases, I did not know about the book. (Read here). I've seen the book at stores recently, both with the original cover and with the reissued one showing the actors from the film.
Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen, PaperbackWater for Elephants: A NovelI'm now not so sure if I should read the book, but I guess I can.

Meanwhile, I just finished reading "Something Borrowed" and have just purchased and began reading the sequel, "Something Blue." I bought the first book two weeks ago and finished it on Wednesday and bought and began the next one yesterday. Unlike with "Something Borrowed," I was able to buy the second book in its original cover, since it obviously hasn't been filmed yet :-)

I'd been planning to read "Something Borrowed" for several weeks but put off getting the book until two weeks ago. I'd seen the "Water for Elephants" books and wasn't sure if I was going to see that one. I obviously wasn't going to be able to read both at once, so I didn't plan on seeing "Water for Elephants." But I got invited to see it, so I decided to do do. I got invited to go and see it by another person this Saturday but am not going to make it. It was pretty good, I thought.

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