Monday, August 22, 2011

Didn't have to do jury duty today

Over a month ago I was sent a dreaded jury duty summons for today's date. I had get today off from work, and I let my boss know last month after receiving the summons. Then last night I called the line and was told I was no longer needed. I was glad, but felt I'd wasted a day off, but it wasn't my fault, since I'm sure most of you know how this kind of thing can be.

Since living at my current address, I've been called every three years and since I was last called in 2008, I knew I had a summons coming this year. Not only was I called in 2008, but was chosen to serve. The trial lasted until Thursday that week, and needless to say, I got bored sitting around in the court room. I was nearly asleep on the final day as we gathered in the room to come to our decision. I was glad to get back to work on Friday that week in October 2008. I was glad to not have to got through this all over again. No need to keep calling my boss all week to say when I have to be at the trial. I can just got back tomorrow and tell them I wasn't chosen.

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