Sunday, September 25, 2011

Already Christmas Stuff Out...

It's still the end of September and since late last month, stores have been stocking Halloween items.  But now Christmas is starting to pour in.  I haven't even begun my Halloween countdown on my blog yet (will start on the first), but wanted to write about Christmas coming after Home Goods began Christmas items  last week while still getting Halloween items, which we began getting in August.  And now other stores are following suit.  Here is some Christmas stuff that I spotted today at Kmart.

These artificial Christmas trees have been going up at Kmart for at least two days now, in an area where they always display seasonal items such as these.  Over the summer, this area was filled with barbecue grills and pool items as well as  school supplies, which they began phasing out about a month ago to make room for Halloween. Some of their pool items remain on a nearby shelf  as seen above.

The Halloween stuff is hanging on some of the back walls and in aisles near the trees.  In the photo above the trees are being placed near the displays of bagged candy and Halloween-themed books for kids.  And  Halloween decorations are hung on the wall in the background.

I didn't have a chance to get any pictures, but Target is also getting Christmas too. I saw some there today on a back wall behind the Halloween costume display.  They'd begun phasing out their school items about a month ago for Halloween and placing the discounted school supplies on the back walls.

Is anyone even thinking of Christmas now?  We just got over summer and are getting used to fall, which began last Friday, with--in my area at least--hot, summer-like weather, which has seemed to cooled down, at least for now.

As I said, I'm still not ready to start getting ready for Halloween, but I plan to get my decorations up before the first, next Saturday.  The last two years, when the first was on a Thursday one year, and a Friday the next, I put up my decorations the previous Sunday so they they would be up for all of October.  And both those years, it was 90-degree weather in late September, something not happening today.  I endured the heat those two years to get my stuff up, but don't feel like doing it now, despite no heat.  I have Wednesday off so I might start then, and if not that day, then definitely on Friday.

I have already begun preparing for the countdown by taking some pictures.  Still trying to decide what to post, but I have some ideas in mind.  Can't wait for that.

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