Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh, Spring, Where Art Thou?

Spring began 11 days ago, but it has only somewhat felt like spring.  Off and on since March 20, there has been some sun and some rain.  Some days on which it was warm enough to go without a jacket, and without turning on the heater.  And some days when it was a little cold.  Rain struck two weeks ago today and again today, with the drops falling down intermittently throughout the day.  Winter this year hardly felt like winter  and now we seem to be getting a late patch of winter.  It's almost as if the seasons are being reversed. Right now sun is showing outside, despite raining falling down off and on throughout today.   I'd gotten invited to a barbecue today for a local political candidate and was worried it would be rained out.  I went anyway, and it was on, as it was being held inside a large garage at someone's residence.  However, the turnout wasn't so big, presumably because of the rain.  But it was still great to get out for a while today despite the weather.

I'm sure we will get out spring soon.

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