Saturday, March 1, 2014

What I've Been Doing

Besides reading, as per all the challenges listed on my blog.  It's been so long since I actually wrote a post like this on the blog.

 I am now awaiting the drug test results for the job I interviewed for last week.  They said they wanted to off it to me, and Now I have to wait for the drug test results to see when I'll begin.  Oh, and it was with a swab that you stick in your mouth and saturate with your saliva.  Much better than how many people do drug tests--I think you know what I  mean :-)   Can't wait to hear from this.  Will be glad to have a regular job once again, even if it's only part-time. Since December I've been a temp at a local agency after months without a job.

Also been attending activities through the county mental health department's center as well as going to therapy.  Been doing that since December.

And I can't believe it's already March.   The year seems to be going by fast.  Waiting to see how the rest of the year goes.


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    1. Thanks. I had the interview last month and, the offer three days later and did the drug test that same day. I started last Friday.