Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Countdown to Halloween Opening Day

It's that time of year again.  Signs of Halloween have been in the air for the last month or two as stores began stocking the merchandise, but today is the first day of October.  I will be participating in the Countdown as I have been since 2009.  It's always fun.  I'm waiting to see what other participants come up with as well.

My town got a Spirit store this year. I was shocked when I first learned of this, as our town is not known to get things like popup retail, except the fireworks stands for the 4th of July (which are usually put on by local sports teams and nonprofit organizations).  So I was more than excited about Spirit coming. I have visited the shop several times since it opened, but still haven't made any purchase.  I have some costume ideas in mind but am still narrowing them down.  I noticed how the cheeseburger tunic is the same price at both Spirit and Kmart.  I've considered that one, but will probably decide against it.   I'm planning to decide soon.   The store incidentally took over  the town's old  Staples building as the office superstore exited our town at the end of June.

My decorations at home went up this weekend in order to be up for all of October.  Started on Saturday night, stuffing the pumpkin bags with crumpled newspaper and rigging the lights over the kitchen window with suction cups (I'll leave the cups in the window for the Christmas lights in December).

That's it for today.  Let the Countdown begin!


  1. We used to have these, mostly in stores that used to be video outlets. Alas, not in the past few years. Don't know about this year however, have been too busy to venture out much before the Countdown started. But Happy Early Halloween, post if you buy something!

  2. Geez I think I hit something, was trying to comment and don't know what happened. I was trying to say that we used to have these pop in stores that used to be video outlets that had closed; but haven't had any in the last few years. Would love to know what your costume decision is! Happy Early Halloween and Happy Countdown.