Saturday, October 4, 2014

Trying on Outfits the Spirit Store tonight.  I'm still deciding--something that has never been easy for me to do.  But I have it narrowed down a few ideas--stay tuned. I've been to the store several times since it opened in September.  But tonight was the first time I tried on anything.  I know I'll be back. And the girl working at the store said more stuff is ion back waiting to be stocked. So there might be more in the days to come.   I will decide on something soon.

I rarely go out to stores like this at night time, even on Saturdays which I generally have off from work.  But today was very hot and hot weather makes me rather sluggish.  I went to see "Gone Girl" today as I had planned, and I really loved it.  It was two-and-half-hours long and I came home feeling tired.  Once it got dark I felt less sluggish and more ready for some store browsing.  Yes, it can get very hot this time of the year where I live.  Still wondering what the weather will be like on the 31st.

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