Saturday, January 7, 2017

Gradually Getting Back Into the Mode

Having been sick for the first days of the new year has kept me from getting into my writing and blogging, but now I'm getting better. Still coughing as of now, but gradually getting back into the mode.

I haven't gotten too far behind on my reading, though I haven't been able to finish my current  book as soon as I'd hoped (hoping by tomorrow). It's my second one for this year. As far as signing up for challenges goes, I think I may be done doing so now. There is still no word on the Nonfiction, Translation and Southern Challenges.  I enjoyed these ones, but if they don't get offered, then that's just fine with me. I keep seeing checklist challenges, but I really don't need anymore of those, as the categories just get repetitive. I'm already in several other challenges, so I think that will be enough.

Once I start feeling even better, I hope to get some info for the project idea I have been proposing for our art class and I want to find a recipe for on of our cooking days this month.

And I just got picked by the 2106 Full House Challenge to get a $30 Amazon gift card by e-mail. I guess this will be my birthday present:-)


  1. WOw Congratulations on winning that gift card! And yay to feeling better.

    Tanya Patrice

  2. YAY to the gift card!!! $30 in books is always a good thing. I'm still dealing with the cough, too. Seems it's always the last thing to go. Just glad to be able to breathe again! Now we can move forward and conquer 2017!