Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Signs You Were Destined to Be a Writer

Signs You Were Destined To Be A Writer - writerslife.org
Do you know that you were just born to be a writer? Did you have the burning desire to write in your belly from a really young age? Are you unsure whether writing is the right path to you and want to feel more certain?
Writers are often filled with self-doubt, and when your writing isn’t going very well it can be easy to start to question yourself. Surely I should be published by now? Surely I should have finished my book by now? Surely I should feel more inspired to write by now?
The truth is that all writers go through periods of uncertainty, and, let’s face it if you are taking the time to read this article you obviously care enough about writing to spend your time doing so!
However, if you often find yourself pondering about whether you were truly meant to be a writer then ask yourself if you do any of the following?
Daydream about writing
Do you often find yourself daydreaming about your writing? Wondering what it would be like to be an award-winning novelist, a bestseller, a famous playwright, blogger or poet? If you fantasise about being a writer then chances are you were meant to be one.
I agree with this one in that I have daydreamed almost all my life of things to write. Yet I neglected to write some of them down. I did do some that I have lost over the years. I slacked off for several years, but I know it's never too late to begin again, as I have done.

Feel amazing when you sit down and write
For writers, there is no other feeling quite like sitting down and actually writing. Sure we doubt ourselves and we procrastinate like hell at times, but when we actually get down to it and write something we’re proud of, the feeling is exhilarating, satisfying and fills us with a deep sense of pride. Know what I am talking about? Then you’re a writer for sure.
I've been feeling this way since I've been working on my story.

Read all the time
Writers love to read. It’s where they get their inspiration, it’s how they learn. If you’ve always got your head stuck in a book, love reading a huge range of books, and get excited every time a book you’re reading gives you a new idea for your writing, this is a pretty good sign.
Yes, totally true. Reading other memoirs gave me that idea, especially Prozac Nation.  Reading novels written in dairy or letter format has made me want to try that kind of writing (I have started one such story).  I've read poetry that inspires me to write my own poems, either mirroring the original poems or taking lines or phrases from a poem to create one of my own.

Get told what a vivid imagination you have
Are people always telling you you’ve got an amazing imagination? Do they love the way you tell stories, or make even the dullest activity seem exciting and full of magic? You’re clearly a natural born story teller and should use your talents to write!
Not sure if anyone has told me this, but I think it's true.

Always create stories in your head
Do you find yourself walking along the street/ sitting on a train/ drifting off at night and suddenly you’re making up a story in your head? Writers find inspiration and ideas for stories wherever they go, and are always, whether consciously or not, on the lookout for new material.
This one goes with what I sad above about daydreaming about writing.  I've had some ideas for stories that I have written down and have since lost.  But I still get this way and am trying again.

Write in your free time
You give up your free time to write? Well, that makes you a writer in my book! Let’s face it, there are a million things you could be doing in your spare time to make your life a richer, more exciting and happier one. If you are choosing to use those precious hours to write it shows just how much you care.
School work used to get in the way of my writing, but I did take advantage of may free time to write or draw, another thing I did so much as child. I could not wait for summer, when school got out. 

Strive for perfection
Writers tend to be perfectionists – in fact, it is something we have to struggle to contend with to make sure we actually get anything done! If you are your own worst critic and can’t quite seem to let your writing be completely and truly ‘finished’ that’s a sign you are a true writer indeed!
This is how I have been feeling lately as I try to finish my memoir. I'm not sure how much longer I should make it and I'm still finding things I want to add or take out. 

Get nervous when other people read your work
Getting nervous about sharing our work doesn’t mean that our writing is bad, it just means that we are passionate about it and invested in it. If you can’t help but feel a little anxious every time you hand a piece of writing over (even if it’s only to your mom), that’s a sign that writing is for you.
In the past whenever I let my dad read anything I'd write, he'd always find something to be critical about. Know he's going to find something of the sort, so I'm sometimes hesitant to let him read it.  I haven't let him read my memoir, though.
I sent my memoir to some people from school as PDF via email. I have yet to hear from any of them. I also sent it to some of my mom's old friends and as group e-mail to my book club. I've gotten some feedback from some of those people. My mom has yet to read it, however.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to be a writer -whether you were destined to be one or not. But if you’ve got that fire in your belly, that drive, that passion, or even just that little writing itch that demands to be scratched then it looks like writing is something you’ll always love to do.
Even if I didn't do it for a while, I never seems to have given up on it. So I guessI was meant to write.
Do any of you agree with any of these points?


  1. It's true, some of us start out that way from day one. *raises hand* But we have the choice to be hobby writers or go for more. I think there's joy in both.

  2. I think we're all drawn to some form of creativity, be it writing, painting, dancing etc.
    Writing, if one is serious about it, can be both exhilarating and draining. There are many highs and lows.