Friday, June 23, 2017

First Day of Class

Wednesday night was the first meeting of "YOUR Story Matters."  I was amazed at the turnout. There were three elderly men among those who had signed up. Some younger women, some close to my age and some elderly ones as well.  I guess they all feel old enough to have memoir inside them 🙂

Among other things, the instructor had us introduce ourselves and say who some of our favorite authors are. I mentioned reading Prozac Nation and being inspired by it (BTW, I ordered a copy of the reissue  with the new afterword and should be receiving in the next week). I also mentioned reading Wallace Stegner, whom the instructor did not know about.  I was amazed at some of the stuff the others had to share.

first day of class

The class is being held in a classroom I never knew existed.  I'd been a regular student at the college years ago, but did not know about this classroom, at one corner of the library building. I though I had to enter through the library's main entrance, but saw that the entrance closed at 4pm for the college summer session.  I then tried looking a the campus map, but still could not see where this room is located. So I walked around the library building and found the room where the case is being held.

Our assignment is to write a mini-memoir of 750 words, the first draft of which is due by Sunday, to be emailed to the instructor. Only two days and I haven't begun yet.  But it shouldn't be too hard. I guess I can use some of what I've already written,  reworking it a little.  I just need to do my best. At the next meeting, the teacher will return the drafts with her written feedback.

I'm still deciding whether to try one of the online writing classes, and will be looking for any in-person classes on writing offered through the college's community education.

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  1. It sounds as if (after you had found the room) the first day went well. Long may it continue.