Sunday, June 18, 2017

What Every Writer Needs

What Every Writer Needs - Writer's

Writing can be exciting, joyful, difficult, miserable, inspiring, lonely, elating, magical and a million other things in between.
Whether you are first setting out on your writing journey, or have been writing for years, there are some things that every writer needs to help them not only write better but enjoy the process more as well.
Writing can be a tough job at times, but by preparing yourself for what’s ahead and arming yourself with a virtual toolkit of all these things, you’ll find it so much easier to make the most of your writing time and truly find pleasure and satisfaction in it too.
So what is it that every writer needs? Let’s take a look!

A support network
Writing can be isolating at times, it doesn’t really require much teamwork, especially in the early stages where it’s just you, your computer and the unnervingly blank page that seems to be boring a hole into your soul. Because of this writers need a good support network. A good support network consists of a variety of people. Great family and friends who are patient and understanding are naturally essential, but also a group of fellow writers who you can share work with, be inspired by and moan to when things aren’t going very well!

A quiet space to work
It’s rare to find a writer who doesn’t need peace and quiet to think and work. Creating your own little writing zone can be one of the best things you can do as a writer. Think about what you need and what you’d like to inspire you. Whether that’s quotes from famous authors around your walls, or a kettle nearby so you don’t have to keep getting up for tea breaks - use your imagination and create the perfect writing space for you.

A biggest fan
Every writer needs a biggest fan. It might start off as your partner, your mum, your best friend, but as you continue to put your work out there it’s so exciting to find new fans and readers that love your work. You biggest fan will read everything you write, will always leave you five-star reviews and will be happy to share and big you up in whichever which way they can!

A good notebook
An essential piece of kit for any writer is a good notebook. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it has to be something you remember to carry around with you, fill with your notes, inspirations and observations - for you never know when an amazing idea might strike!

A bad review
All writers need to get their first bad review under their belt. It’s a milestone, a coming of age moment, where you realise you’re a real writer. Remember not everyone can like your work, but at least they are reading it!

A writing schedule
A writing schedule is a helpful way to make sure you stay on track, keep focused and never stop writing. For some, writing comes naturally, but for most, we need a little self-imposed discipline! A writing schedule you know you’ll stick to will give you just that.

An honest critique
We all need someone we can trust to give us honest feedback on our work. Without them, we run the risk of being like one of those X Factor contestants that’s been brought up to believe they have the voice of an angel, where, in reality, they sound like a bag of screeching cats. Find someone you can trust to give you honest, helpful, and fair feedback, your work will be so much better as a result.

A good editor
Where would we be without our editors eh? A good editor can turn your words into works of art! They are there to help you improve, to make sure your manuscript is flawless and give you the best chance of success with your book - a good editor is priceless!
So there you have it, the essential tools of any writer’s toolkit - what would you add?

I'm still lacking in most of these things! Mostly because I'm still not at the point when I need to get an editor.  Even so, thinking about this one is making me apprehensive.  And obviously since I have not been published, I have not received any reviews, good or bad.  And I have not been able to get anyone to read my latest revision. A year ago, I sent out my preliminary story for everyone I know to see. 
Trying t set a schedule hasn't been on my mind though recently I have been trying to get some writing done, no matter how much, each day.  I do find myself wanting to take a break, but I guess that is normal.I now have to revise my epilogue (in my latest round of revisions) and now I have some stuff I may want to add but am not sure where to insert in into what I have already written. So I may write this down on a separate pice of paper, then decide whether to include it and decide where it should be inserted. 
I've bene wanting to try getting out more and take a notebook with me for inspiration. But the hot weather recently has it made it hard just to go the store! It's been too hot for a walk or anything.
My bedroom at my computer is as quiet as I can get. But I sometimes need to out on the TV if I'm bored while writing.



  1. Good luck on your writing journey...

  2. All good points with a positive spin.
    Have a great one.

  3. Good morning, Jamie.
    The support network sure is important isn't it?
    Have a great one.