Sunday, September 10, 2017

Trying to Write a Diary Novel

I had begun writing a new story several months ago, the idea having come to me about a year ago. I have been waiting to work more on it, but did not get around to doing so until the tore day. I just had to get myself to do it.

I have begun doing a young adult diary-style novel set in the 1980s, the decade in which I grew up. Such works are called epistolary novels, the subject of one of the reading challenges I have been doing this year.  I've read over 25 such books to date this year  and have some at home I plan to read.

Such books have traditionally been in the form of letters, or a dairy, but have come to include emails and text messages to go with today's trends. However, I have found myself less compelled to write something set in current times, hence the reason I chose the 1980s.  I also would like to have kids today see how those my age did things when we were kids their age.

This graph from this link shows a rise in the popularity of the epistolary novel over different periods:

A black bar graph depicts the number of epistolary novels per period of time. The periods are on the x-axis and are as follows: ancient, 1400-1500, 1500-1600, 1600-1700, 1700-1800, 1800-1900, 1900-2000, post-2000. The y-axis indicates the number of novels and markers range from 0 to 60. The bars by period, in order for largest to smallest, are as follows: post-2000 (52 novels), 1900-2000, 1700-1800, 1800-1900, ancient, 1600-1700, and tied 1400-1500 and 1500-1600 (1 novel each).

Number of Novels by Period

How many of you have considered writing this in style?


  1. I have never considered writing in this style but adore reading it. Fact or fiction.

  2. This sounds like so much fun! Good luck!

  3. Excellent. Wishing a strong relationship with your muse:)

  4. I don't think I've read one recently--although I did read Dear Poppy, where a girl found letters from her (deceased) mom from the 80s...the mom was a teen at that time, so she felt like she was reading letters from a friend.

  5. Hope your day has been both pleasant and productive.