Saturday, January 6, 2018

How to Stay Motivated During the Winter


During the winter, and especially with the latest storm it can be difficult to stay motivated. Most of us want to grab a cup of tea and wrap ourselves in a blanket… but there is work that needs to be done! 
Each morning when you wake up, watch a motivational video. Yes, motivational videos aren’t a cure for staying motivated but they can help you get started. The goal of watching a motivational video is that you create motivation inside of yourself. When you’re motivated from within, you can accomplish amazing things! 
Upon waking up and watching a motivational video, you should do a review of your life plan. Your life plan is what you wish to accomplish during your lifetime. If you don’t have a life plan, then you need to create one. Without one, you will be meandering around in life and end up at a destination in which you will not be happy about. If you haven’t yet written your life plan, start by asking yourself, “What makes me the happiest, and something I can make money from?” Remember, the best in every profession gets paid. 
Exercise first thing in the morning. Exercising first thing in the morning can be going for a walk, run, or hitting the gym. There is no better feeling than working out and then starting your day. You get a sense of euphoria that’ll last your entire day.
With exercise, waking up early will give you the needed motivation. There’s just something about waking up before everyone else that gives you an added edge. I’m not saying you need to get up at 4 am but you should get up any later than 7 am. When you get up early for a consistent period, you will notice beneficial changes in your life. 
It may seem like a small task, but making your bed in the morning right after you wake up will also help to motivate you. Why? Because you’ve accomplished a task already and that momentum will carry throughout the day. Don’t believe me? Check out the book: Make Your BedStaying motivated during the winter doesn’t have to be hard if you follow the steps above!

I have to admit I haven't yet worked on any of my writing since the new year began. I keep wanting to, but have been getting tired early in the evening, which is typical for this time of year.  I'v even been slow on blogging since New Year's Day. And next week is my birthday, though I have no plans. My monthly book club meeting is that day and one of the books I suggested for this year was chose so I have to lead the discussion that night ;) And another I suggested was chosen for February.
It has been two years since I read Prozac Nation, and the review I posted on Goodreads came up on my Facebook memories three days ago. I also posted it my blog.   And almost two year since I got the idea to write my own memoir on the subject. I still can't believe I was into the idea at first, but soon discouraged, thinking it was a bad idea to do what had already been famously done by one person. I also felt my story was just too similar. It took me days to get over this and begin what I had wanted to do. 
Right now, I'm trying to decide which writing I want to work on for the time being, or if I want to try something new. But I haven't quite written all I want for my diary novel, and I'm not sure when to end it. It kind of seems like  something that can be a series, though I'm not ready to determine that just yet. 
And I'm still pondering whether to join Wattpad, Fanfiction or other writing sites. 


  1. Happy birthday oh fellow Capricorn.
    And good luck on your writing journey. And leading the book group discussion.

  2. I try to watch motivational and inspirtational videos in the morning. I usually get up at 7:30- which is far earlier than I used to get up. It is so dark in the morning that I can't see getting up any earlier. Kudos to you!

    Good luck with your book club discussion. Hopefully it will be fun. Also- wishing you all the best with your writing journey.

  3. If evenings aren't working for your writing, try mornings. I used to be a night writer, but as the years passed I became much better at going to sleep. That started eating into my writing time. As it turns out, I became much worse at staying asleep, so now I just get up whenever I wake up and start writing. Its been helpful with getting a productive start to the day.

    Good luck with your book club discussion!