Monday, January 7, 2019

Creative Writing Class Begins Again Today

When I first became a peer mentor in 2016, I was teaching a class on creative writing at work. However, it was scheduled so late in the day and almost no one came after a while, and it was cancelled at the beginning of 2017. Now after tow years, the class is back. I will be doing it on alternating Mondays, starting today. several of my fellow clients and mentors have been excited about the class. And it will be earlier in the day, when most clients are still attending.

My first planned activity is one I had done several times when I first ran the class. I wrote different words and phrases on tiny slips of paper, then folded the slips and put them in a small bag. Participants will draw some of the words (I haven't decided how many just yet) and write a piece that includes all the words drawn.

I can't wait to see how the class turns out this time.