Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sign problem

Having been following the blogs Apostrophe Abuse, Lower Case L, The Blog of Unnecessary Quotes, and Horrible License Plates,  I've begun to easily spot signs that carry these orthographic problems and vanity license plates with strange arrangements of letters and/or numbers on plates and photographing them to send to the appropriate blog.  

The most common misuse of the apostrophe that has been illustrated is using it to form a plural.  And there have been cases of leaving out an  apostrophe when forming a possessive, and the confusion of "you're" and "your." Today however, I saw something different: failure to indicate a possessive as evidenced in the photo.  Obviously they mean "Today's Sales."  The sign was from a Goodwill Store in Gilroy, California.  

Curious, does anyone have a blog that collects errors on signs like this one?  If so, I'll gladly send you a copy of the photo here and will gladly be one of your followers. 

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