Thursday, July 29, 2021

Recent Book Hauls

Yes, more books acquired this month, and on three consecutive dates. As well as another day this past week. 

I was excited to learn that the Friends of the Library's once-monthly book sale would be returning after more than a year. I made sure to get there, despite how early it occurred. Along with used books for 50 cents to a dollar, there was a new book by a local author who there for signing copies of the book. I love seeing local authors' works (not very many in my home town!), so I had to get a copy of this book. It was only 9.99. I have yet to read it, but it looks like fun. And I may look into the publishing company that the author used.

But before the book sale from the library, I had already acquired several books from Goodwill two days earlier and on the day after that, from the used bookstore in Gilroy, CA, a town near to where I live. While at the used bookstore, I found three things I was looking for, a book by Alexis Wright and one by Yoko Ogawa, two authors I have as reading prompts i the Reading Women challenge  I also looked for another author I had for that challenge, Leila Aboulela, who was nowhere to be found. I also went looking for The End of Your Life Book Club, which I also found. 

A few too many other titles to list here, but I was satisfied with what I found.

The next book sale is on August 14, with longer hours than before. That same day our local comic book shop will be having the Free Comic Book Day. I've never been to one of those, as I have not really been into comics that much lately. Not into superheroes, but want to see what other kinds of comics can be found. If I see one I like, I will take it, since it will be free. 

Friday, July 23, 2021

Things This Week

 Something that came up on my Facebook the other day, and then the next day on my FB memories. Sad that people still believe this.

And today I saw this on FB. Sounds very true right now.

And two things that came up on my memories today:

My sunflowers this year (from some of last year's seeds) are starting to open now. Some seeds, however, did not work at all. 

And I have yet to see any Halloween items at the Dollar Tree (the photos above were from a year ago today). Once again, I don't know about celebrating Halloween this year, as it already seems that it will be a repeat of last year. Same for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm trying not to think much about all this right now.

Ona aside note, my digital camera seems to have stopped working, and I recently got a new phone and am trying to figure out how to transfer photos from my new phone to my computer. I have a Blu Smartphone bought at Target. I have already taken some pictures of my sunflowers this year.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Getting More Time to Go Inside the Library

When our county library reopened for walk-in service in May, I was excited. It was a little annoying, though, because at first, we only got half an hour to explore and some shelves were blocked off. Items in those shelves had to be retrieved by a staff member. The shelf barriers were removed within a few weeks, but the half-hour policy remained. Still, it was great to see the inside of the library once again after a year and a half. 

Now, patrons are allowed to come inside for a long as they want. I have done this twice already, including today. They are not open on Sundays as they were before they shut down during the pandemic. I was kind of upset about that, since I liked going on Sundays when that first started. But all other days are fine, too. 

Some shelves had been rearranged before the pandemic, so it was hard at first to locate some items. But now I know where to find certain items.

Masks are recommended for non-vaccinated patrons. But I am still hesitant to go without one in the library or other public places where they are not needed if you re vaccinated. I have been slowly pulling mine on and off, tucking it under my chin or below my nose. 

We still can't donate materials to the library just yet, and we still have to leave returned items in the drop boxes outside (to let them quarantine), even if we go inside the library.

Another thing that stopped during the pandemic was the Friends of the Library's book sale in a small house behind the library. It occurred Saturday mornings from 10 to 12, once a month. Now this coming Saturday it will be back. I'm excited for this too, even though I didn't always get to this sale, as it is quite early for me. But if I want to do it, I will.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Holderness Family Book

The subject of the book may not have meant anything to me right now, but ever since I got hooked on the Holderness Family's videos last year while cooped up, I wanted to read what they wrote. I thought it could be fun just the same--and it was.

There were parts that I found funny. I enjoyed hearing about their previous dog (their current dog can be seen in this video):


Previews (Which I have just seen now) are in the videos below. I ordered the book after it came out, receiving it in May.

Here is my review on Goodreads. It's rather short, but it's been so long since I have written a review on GR. I mostly just rate books there:

Thought I'm not currently in a relationship, I just had to read this book since I love the Holderness Family's videos. It's still a fun read and there are some LOL moments in the book.


Saturday, July 10, 2021


That's what we have been having this weekend in my neck of the woods. It's hard to want to get out, which I did not do yesterday, and was barely able to do today. I don't yet know about tomorrow. 

I am now glad I got a cover for my car as it has kept the inside of the car from getting hot. The sunshades I have are not enough to keep the inside cool. Two summers ago, when I still had my old car, I used a towel to keep the steering wheel cool in the heat. I bet many of you know how hot a steering wheel can get. 

Hoping for the weather to get a little cooler in the coming week.

Heat is always awful, and with the coronavirus still in place, it gets harder to stay home in the heat. 

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Chapter Break Bingo – July 2021

The card for July is here.

It’s time again for the yearly Emoji Bingo Card! In honor of World Emoji Day (July 17), we are going full on images this month! It’s completely open to your interpretation. If you think the emoji fits, mark it off! You can consult this page for ideas. I added a label grid at the bottom that Julie and I will be using. There are numbers for each square. List the numbers when sharing your qualifying books at the end of the month.

July Bookish Bingo

My Books:
  1. This Christmas--Jane Green (4 squares): E-Book, Song Lyrics in the Title, Not in a Series, Free Book
  2. American Royals--Katharine McGee (5 squares): Library Book, In a Series, Physical Book, Red/White/Blue on the Cover, Eye Roll
  3. Touched by the Sun--Carly Simon (3 squares): Snazzy Dresser, Travel/Journey, LGBTQ
  4. Winter of the Ice Wizard--Mary Pope Osborne (5 squares): Audiobook, Wizard, Magical Characters, Weapon on the Cover, Suit on the Cover
  5. Everybody Fights--Kim and Penn Holderness (3 squares): Shelf Love, LOL, Free Space
  6. Atlas Shrugged--Ayn Rand (1 square): Thriller
  7. Way Past Bedtime--Tara Lazar (1 square): Cake/Pie/Dessert
  8. A Street Cat Named Bob--James Bowen (2 squares): Animal/Pet, Book Club Read
  9. Drive Me Crazy--Erin Downing (1 square): Vehicle on the Cover

25 squares completed on July 20

Friday, July 2, 2021

Can Do Without Fireworks

One of the things I got excited about as kid but now can do without as a grownup is fireworks. I mean, they're fun, and I will watch them if I get a chance to do so, but I will not suffer if I do not get to see any. Last year, several people living nearby set off fireworks and I watched from my lawn. It was fun and I will probably do the same this year if they set them off again on Sunday night. 
I'm just not going to go out and buy fireworks at one of the many fireworks stands in town. There are several in one area alone, blocks apart, including one in the empty Kmart parking lot, right across from the one in the Safeway parking lot. 

But what is really anyone right is how many people have been setting off fireworks  before the 4th. These are said to be the illegal ones. Everyone in town gets annoyed by this, and many are scared for their pets. This seems to happen every year and it doesn't stop after the fourth. One recent set-off was so loud and close that it sounded as if it were coming from inside my house! Even the fact that it's fire season doesn't seem to deter people from using the legal fireworks. 

I'm happy to watch fireworks if they are the ones allowed and on the 4th itself. And I can do without seeing any and still have a Happy 4th.