Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Memoir Humor

Speaking of which, I sent mine out yet again and was rejected yet again. Same for my kids' book. 

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Spring Reading Challenge for Adults @ Brewing Writer

 Secer This one has a different theme for each spring month.

The books for this challenge do not have to be set in Spring, they just have to be relevant to the spring theme set every month. I have a post on books to read in Spring season to help you pick out some books!

March: A book with a plant or flower in the title: Secrets of the Tulip Sisters--Susan Mallery

April: A book with a green cover: 8 Sandpiper Way--Debbie Macomber

May: A book set in a countryside: 1022 Evergreen Place--Debbie Macomber

Challenge completed on May 13

Saturday, February 11, 2023

GenTwenty’s Spring Reading Challenge

 A new one to me at GenTwenty.

  1. A Book Set During Spring: 1022 Evergreen Place--Debbie Macomber
  2. A Book With a Flower or Plant Name in the Title: Lilac Girls--Martha Hall Kelly
  3. A Book About Cleaning: The Minimalist Home--Joshua Becker
  4. A Book With a Plant or Flower on the Cover: Yerba Buena--Nina LaCour
  5. A Book Set in a Place You Want to Travel To/About Traveling: The Jew in the Lotus--Rodger Kamenetz
  6. A Book That Is a New Release: The Reunion--Meghan Quinn
  7. A Book from Reese’s or Oprah’s Book Club: Ellen Foster--Kaye Gibbons
  8. A Book About Personal Growth/Motivation: The Best Man--Richard Peck
  9. A Book You Read When You Were Younger: The Long Winter--Laura Ingalls Wilder 
  10. A Book You Own But Haven’t Read Yet: Tell Me Lies--Jennifer Crusie
Challenge completed on May 18

Spring 2023 Reading Challenge @ Beyond the Bookends

beyond the bookends Spring 2023 reading challenge board

 This is a new seasonal challenge at Beyond the Bookends.

Spring 2023 Reading Challenge Prompts

Challenge completed on May 27

Friday, February 3, 2023

February Bookish Bingo

 The new card for February is here.

My Books:

  1. The Twelve Dancing Princesses--Jane Werner Watson (3 squares): E-Book, Short (Under 300 Pages), Reluctant Heroine
  2. Bless the Daughter Raised by a Voice in Her Head--Warsan Shire (2 squares): Audiobook, Free Book
  3. My Name is Asher Lev--Chaim Potok (4 squares): Library Book, Physical Book, In a Series, Book Club Read
  4. Meet Cute Dairy--Emery Lee (5 squares): Pink on the Cover, Verb in the Title, YA/NA, Book Boyfriend, Not in a Series
  5. Seven Years to Sin--Sylvia Day (3 squares): Romance, Shelf Love, Jewelry on the Cover 
  6. Checked Out For Murder--Allison Brook (4 squares): Set in a Library, Mystery/Suspense, FBI/Police, Theft
  7. Lust & Wonder--Augusten Burroughs (2 squares): Nonfiction, Free Space
  8. The Gift of Asher Lev--Chaim Potok (2 squares): Spinoff, Picked up After a Break
25 squares completed on February 24