Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Reading Challenges Progress So Far

My blog seems to be about my reading challenges lately.  But I don't want to have to keep more than one blog so whatever I want to write about will be only this blog.  For those who've been following my reading here is how I stand on my challenges as the year is more than half over and as this month comes to an end.

So far I've completed seven challenges, as you can see from my Reading Challenge Addict post. I often think I might go over on some, but in some cases I decided to call them complete after reaching the level I'd chosen.  

Finished the Following:

What's in a Name. This one only had five categories, though a sixth one was added later.  The host said however, that those who completed the original five categories before seeing the sixth one could call the challenge complete.  This was my first completed challenge.

Southern Literature Reading.  I finished this one in early April.  This one had a four-book max, one for each of the four levels.   I chose Level 4, because I was sure I could read four books from this genre.  And I succeeded in doing so.

Dive Into Poetry Challenge.  I picked the second level (4-6 books). As much as I like reading poetry,  I decided to call it complete after reading five books with all the other challenges I'd signed up for. In some cases I decide not to try to go over my chosen level.

Harlem Renaissance Challenge.  The first level is 1 to 5 books.  I had a hard time finding books for this one, but did find four of them. This one getting lost among all the others I'd signed up for, so I decided to call it complete after finishing the four books I'd chosen for this one.

Postal Challenge.  Originally, I signed up for Level one, four postal-themed books.  But I ended up reading more than four, so I bumped up to the second level, eight such books.  I chose not to go up anymore levels.  Another success.

Newbery Reading Challenge.  Most of the challenges I joined between November and January, but some I came into later such as this one which I joined on March 1.  The levels on this one are based on points rather than on a number of books--a different number of points each given for a Newbery winner, a Newbery Honor and a Caldecott winner.  I maxed out the first level, and though I'd love to read more Newbery and Caldecott books, I need to concentrate on my other challenges, so I'll be calling this a success.  I'll definitely be back next year for this one.

Fairy Tales Retold. Another one I got into late, at the end of May.  The second level was 4 to 6 books. I chose that one because I found more than three books that fit this challenge.  Again, in order to concentrate on other challenges I need to work on, I decided to call this complete after five books.  I liked this one, though, so I'll be back next year.

These are the ones I've completed so far. Others I'm in, I plan to keep open all year, or read as many as I can or try to finish the level I'd signed up for. Some have a specific number of books and some of these I'm nearly done with.  Glad to have some done already with more time to concentrate on others.  Will see how many more challenges I get done next month.  I did really get addicted to reading challenges!