Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Some Changes This Year

halloween night

As you know, the fall season is upon us now, though in my neck in the woods it still feels a little like summer. It's been quite hot!  The fall season means Halloween is just around the corner.  It's already up at most stores now.  My town didn't get the Spirit Store like we did last year, but I wasn't surprised.  We rarely get those things and we hadn't had once since 1999, so having one last year came as a bit of a shock.  But it was quite convenient--no driving out of town for one.  And now I'll have to do just that.  But likely I will just settle for what is available at Kmart,  or make up something from Goodwill or another thrift store we have in this town.

All that being said, I decided not to participate in the Countdown to Halloween this year as you may have seen on my blog in the past six years.  As much as I love the holiday, blogging each day has become difficult.  Working long hours last year made me miss some days and it looks like the same will be true this year.  Also, I've noticed my countdown posts have become repetitive each year.  How many times can I blog about how women's costumes always have to be so skimpy; wondering why they place army jackets and scouting uniforms in the Halloween costume racks at thrift stores;  what TV shows to watch for the season, etc.  And I think I may have used up all the Halloween and fall-related quizzes at Blogthings.   I will try to put up some stuff for Halloween, though, just not every single day.  I will in some way have my own countdown and will anticipate the holiday as always. And I will try to srtat decorating next weekend, since the first falls on Thursday this year and I want to have them up all month.  And in case you haven't seen yet, the holiday itself is on Saturday this year.  

Another thing I need to get working on is the post for the reading challenge I'm planning for next year.  Again, I would like some advice on how to do this sort of thing.  I need to know how to make images for my post and would like advice on what linking service is cheapest for at least a year.  If you can help me on these matters, I'd very much appreciate it. I really want to do this and want to get my post up in either November or December and hope to get some participants.  And I will add it to Novel Challenge  as well.  And I am participating in the Halloween Reading Challenge at Reading Every Season, which goes quite well  the Reading Bites and Witches and Witchcraft challenges I've already been doing.

Happy fall season everyone!