Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Hand Gesture Are You?

You Are an "A-OK"

Your life philosophy can be summed up as, "Whatever will be, will be."

Your greatest wish is to live each day a little better than the next.

You are naturally calm and stable. Some people would call you a rock.

You feel one with the world. You are a spiritual person, though no one who knows you would guess it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Bring It On" 10 years later


It was 10 years ago today that the cheerleading-themed film "Bring It On" premiered.  I'd not heard too much about it beforehand,  but decided to go see it that weekend.  Little did I know how much I would enjoy it and that  I would still be watching it 10 years later.  I later got a used VHS copy at Blockbuster in June 2001 and finally the DVD in 2006 when I spotted it for $9.99 at Target.   

I was never a cheerleader, though I tried out once in high school, so the subject matter was only somewhat familiar to me.  My high school only had female cheerleaders and there were three squads: Varsity, JV and Freshmen.  Nevertheless  found this film enjoyable and the most recent time that I put on the DVD, it hit me that the 10-year anniversary was coming up.  It hardly seems that long ago since the year 2000.  This was when the Internet was still coming into vogue, when cell phones were just starting to become a necessity, and before sites called MySpace, Facebook or Twitter ever existed.  

"Bring it On," a starring vehicle for Kirsten Dunst, remains a favorite of mine.   I  was Bring It on Againsomewhat excited to see a sequel in 2004, but a little disappointed to earn it would be of all new characters.  The lead characters in "Bring It On Again" were  lookalikes of Torrance, Dunst's character and of Isis, the rival cheerleader played by Gabrielle Union.  The Torrance lookalike was named Whittier, which like Torrance, is the name of  a city in Southern California (I'm Northern California girl, BTW).   Like this reviewer I wasn't too fond of this sequel, but liked the next one "Bring It On: All or Nothing".  It's the only Bring It On: All or Nothingone of the sequels I have on DVD.   Next was "Bring It On: In It to Win It," inBring It On: In It to Win It 2007 and "Bring It On: Fight to the Finish" in 2009, both of which I rented through Netflix shortly after they were released.  Both of these were all right by me.  All of these sequels, which had no common characters with the original or with each other, wereBring It On: Fight to the Finish direct-to-DVD.   All shared the cheerleading theme.  

After seeing the original "Bring It On" in 2000,  I just had to see the cheerleading-themed "Sugar and Spice" in 2001.  It was like "Bring It On" gone bad.   I liked this film as well, though I have not seen it since its release nine years ago.  

And just last month from Netflix I rented 2009's "Fired Up!" This could be described as a hybrid of "Bring It On" and "Superbad," (another favorite I have on DVD).  A Netflix user even made the "Bring It On"-"Superbad" hybrid description in a review on the site.   I thoroughly enjoyed "Fired Up!" as well.   The characters in "Fired Up!" are even seen watching and quoting the original "Bring It On" at their cheer camp. 

All these films were good and bad in their own way, but the original still reigns after 10 years!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

You Have a Hippie Soul
You are free as the wind, and you don't like following rules.
You're open minded and nonjudgemental. You just enjoy the journey of life.

You're neither a leader nor a follower. You're own your own blissful path.
You believe that people should love more and hate less. It's really that simple.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

No "Lottery Ticket"

The upcoming movie  "Lottery Ticket" that is, which has been heavily advertised recently.  It won't be coming to my hometown this weekend. I was so looking forward to that one!  I also checked the Gilroy theater website--they aren't getting it either.  Also checked the Morgan Hill theater site as well, but there's no info for the weekend posted that one yet.  Too bad,  since I work in Gilroy, CA (next to my hometown, Hollister) and could easily  go to either of those theaters after work on Friday afternoon.   

At least I'll get to see "The Switch" this weekend.  Have been waiting for that one, too.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Are You Cake or Pie?

You Are Pie
You are sweet, but there's more to the story than that. You're quite complicated.
Sometimes people don't appreciate you as much as they should. You are really quite special.

You are deep, thoughtful, and get better with time. You are subtle but powerful.
You are very traditional, and that's a good thing. You remind people of simpler and happier times.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What Flavor Lemonade Are You?

You Are Strawberry Lemonade
You are super sweet and super friendly. You are a natural optimist.
You always try to be the best person possible, and you tend to think of others first.

People feel like they can completely relax and be themselves around you. And it's totally true.
You tend to be a dreamer, and you believe that no dream is completely out of reach.