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My Year In Reading 2023

 My Year in Books

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You're My Little Christmas Cookie by Nicola Edwards
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Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon
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Verity by Colleen Hoover
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Golden Honey by Erica Varela
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The highlights from my Goodreads page. My last book of the year was Cherry Ames, Student Nurse, finished this afternoon. Can't wait to begin again for next year! 

New Year's Eve Humor


Friday, December 29, 2023

The Nerd Daily’s 2024 Reading Challenge

 Another I have been doing for years now.

  1. 2024 adaptation:
  2. Recommended by the Nerd Daily:
  3. Features your favorite trope:
  4. Cover without people: If You're Out There--Katy Loutzenhiser
  5. An author you love:
  6. Title stars with C or M: The Cat Who Saved Books--Sosuke Natsukawa
  7. Co-authored or anthology: The Magical Reality of Nadia--Bassem Youssef & Catherine R. Daly
  8. Four-word title: It Ends With Us--Colleen Hoover
  9. Judge a book by its cover: Euphoria--Lily King
  10. Set in a city: Behold the Dreamers--Imbolo Mbue
  11. Gifted to you: Sourdough Sagas--Herbert L. Heller
  12. Between 395-435 pages: The Girl From the Train--Irma Joubert
  13. Set in the past or future: The Pilgrim's Progress--John Bunyan
  14. By an indie author or from an indie bookstore: This Wound is a World--Billy-Ray Belcourt
  15. Bought whilst on holiday:
  16. Author starting with S: Leap of Faith--Danielle Steel
  17. Title is silver:
  18. Standalone: The Black Flamingo--Dean Atta
  19. Retelling: Never Cry Werewolf--Heather Davis
  20. Started but never finished:
  21. Debut author: Red Queen--Victoria Aveyard
  22. Has a map: Songs of Willow Frost--Jamie Ford
  23. Purple on cover: XOXO--Axie Oh
  24. Relevant topics: Another Kind of Madness--Stephen P. Hinshaw
  25. Set in spring: Five Survive--Holly Jackson
  26. Final installment in a series: It Starts With Us--Colleen Hoover
  27. Author new to you: The Spanish Love Deception--Elena Armas
  28. Won an award in 2022: The Paris Apartment--Lucy Foley
  29. Historical or non-fiction: Into the Wild--Jon Krakauer
  30. Features royalty: Red Queen--Victoria Aveyard
  31. Recommended by a bookstore:
  32. Don't judge a book by its cover: Check & Mate--Ali Hazelwood
  33. Blue spine: Summer Secrets--Jane 
  34. Hybrid genre: The Fiery Cross--Diana Gabaldon
  35. From our #readwithpride series:
  36. Different culture: Killers of the Flower Moon--David Grann
  37. Quoted by an author you like:
  38. Released in January 2024:
  39. About an author or artist:
  40. Author surname starts with T: Flights--Olga Tokarczuk
  41. Picked by a loved one: The Jane Austen Society--Natalie Jenner
  42. Looks spooky:
  43. Fantasy or romance:
  44. A 2023 release you neglected: River Sing Me Home--Eleanor Shearer
  45. Book you nothing  little about: By the Light of the Study Lamp--Carolyn Keene
  46. Less than 300 pages: Winter Stroll--Elin Hilderbrand
  47. Protagonist starting with B:
  48. Feature a special event:
  49. Released in July 2024:
  50. A sequel: Summer on Sag Harbor--Sunny Hostin
  51. Features two perspectives: She's Too Pretty to Burn--Wendy Heard
  52. Cover with three people: Burn for Burn--Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

Thursday, December 28, 2023

What’s in a Name? 2024

 Another favorite is now up. 

Four Moon Reading Challenge 2024

 Doing this one again, posted on the host's Instagram.

  1. More than one face on the cover: Burn for Burn--Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian
  2. Indie book: This Wound is a World--Billy-Ray Belcourt
  3. Write a review for any one (or more if you wish) of the books you've read for this challenge:
  4. Memoir or biography of someone who interests you:
  5. Cartoon cover: Happy Place--Emily Henry
  6. Book that has been or will be made into a movie: It Ends With Us--Colleen Hoover
  7. Book you hope becomes a movie: 
  8. The letters, R, S, T, L, N and E on the cover: Winter Stroll--Elin Hilderbrand
  9. Reread a childhood favorite:
  10. Read a book you wish you'd had as a child/teen/young adult:
  11. Grey cover: Thunderstruck--Erik Larson
  12. Heard about on social media: Check & Mate--Ali Hazelwood
  13. Been on your TBR 5+ years: The Fiery Cross--Diana Gabaldon
  14. Book from the Rory Gilmore Reading list:
  15. A thrifted or gifted book: Scandal--Amanda Quick
  16. Chest on the cover:
  17. Odd number in the title: Five Survive--Holly Jackson
  18. Between 350-375 pages: Red Queen--Victoria Aveyard
  19. Graphic novel: With a Dog AND Cat, Every Day is Fun, Volume 1--Hidekichi Matsumoto
  20. Wordless book: Look Book--Tana Hoban
  21. Free Space:
  22. Most recently purchased book (or the last book you borrowed):
  23. Book that had made others cry, or laugh out loud if you don't want to cry: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry--Rachel Joyce
  24. Beverage on the cover:
  25. 4-star rating or higher on Goodreads:
  26. On Four Moon Reviews Top Books of 2023 list:
  27. Book based on its 1-star reviews:
  28. Book about a family: Garden Spells--Sarah Addison Allen
  29. Published the year you were born:
  30. Randomize your TBR (use a TBR jar, dice or any other method and choose a random book):
  31. Book involving a mythical creature: Bo's Magical New Friend--Rebecca Elliott
  32. Sci-fi or fantasy: Tess of the Road--Rachel Hartman
  33. Published in 2004: Lilibet--Carolly Erickson
  34. Published in 2014: Greenglass House--Kate Milford
  35. Published in 2024:
  36. Book involving an animal: The Cat Who Saved Books--Sosuke Natsukawa
  37. Book recommended for your zodiac sign:
  38. Thought-provoking book: Into the Wild--Jon Krakauer
  39. Book with dual timelines: The Address--Fiona Davis
  40. With a main character over 50 years old: Young Jane Young--Gabrielle Zevin

Her Grace's Library Reading Challenge

 This is a new one being offered for the first time at Her Grace's Library.

  1. Title longer than 6 words: With a Dog AND Cat, Every Day is Fun, Volume 1--Hidekichi Matsumoto
  2. Author with your initials: Summer Secrets--Jane Green
  3. MC is an animal: Lone Wolf--Kathryn Lasky
  4. Takes place underwater:
  5. Doesn't have the letter "E" in the title: Songs of Willow Frost--Jamie Ford
  6. By or about being a refugee: Love is an Ex-Country--Randa Jarrar
  7. In translation: Persian Letters--Montesquieu
  8. Cover featuring neon colors: I'll Take You There--Joyce Carol Oates
  9. MC is a non-human entity (robot, alien, etc): Never Cry Werewolf--Heather Davis
  10. Set in space:
  11. By Indigenous/Native American/First Nations author:
  12. Anthology:
  13. Released in your birth month:
  14. Title is a question:
  15. MC or author is transgendered: The Fabulous Zed Watson!--Basil Sylvester
  16. The weather plays a significant role: The Snow Child--Eowyn Ivey
  17. An unusal format:
  18. Protagonist is a plant:
  19. 2024 adaptation:
  20. You have no idea where you got this book:
  21. MC has a phobia: Zillah & Me--Helen Dunmore
  22. Set during your favorite holiday or event:
  23. One-word title: Bluebeard--Kurt Vonnegut
  24. MC is a time traveller: Can I Get There by Candlelight?--Jean Slaughter Doty
  25. By or about a person who is asexual:
  26. Color in the title: Red Queen--Victoria Aveyard
  27. Published in the year of a big historical event in your lifetime:
  28. MC has a weird job (taxidermist, etc): Euphoria--Lily King
  29. MC who collects something unusual:
  30. Won an LGBTQ+ literary award: Branded by the Pink Triangle--Ken Setterington
  31. Over 400 pages: Watership Down--Richard Adams
  32. Novella: Home--Toni Morrison
  33. By an author with your zodiac sign: The Fiery Cross--Diana Gabaldon
  34. Features 24 (a 24-year-old MC, was published 24 years ago, etc): Into the Wild--Jon Krakauer
  35. Women in STEM/Girl coders, etc:
  36. Attention-grabbing title: Apocalypse Baby--Virginie Despentes
  37. Author or MC is HIV positive:
  38. Takes place in a haunted house:
  39. Title starts with "G": Greenglass House--Kate Milford
  40. Book of poetry: The Black Flamingo--Dean Atta
  41. Microhistory: Thunderstruck--Erik Larson
  42. By or about a neurodivergent person: A Kind of Spark--Elle McNicoll
  43. Debut book by an author over 60:
  44. Has a pretty cover:
  45. MC has a stange hobby: The Magical Reality of Nadia--Bassem Youssef & Catherine R. Daly
  46. Set in a city you've never visited: City of Darkness and Light--Rhys Bowen
  47. By or about a person with a mental illness: Another Kind of Madness--Stephen P. Hinshaw
  48. A title that rhymes: Five Survive--Holly Jackson
  49. Set in a parallel universe:
  50. Published in your birth year:
  51. Indie or small-press published: Apocalypse Baby--Virginie Despentes
  52. By or about a person on the autism spectrum:

2024 Book to Movie (and TV) Reading Challenge

 Yet another favorite now posted. 

My Books:

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Feminist Reading Challenge 2024

 Doing this one again, hosted at this Instagram account.

1. A book by a Palestinian author: Love is an Ex-Country--Randa Jarrar
2. About nature by a writer of color
3. Memoir by an Indigenous / First Nation Australian writer
4. Translated short story collection: Flights--Olga Tokarczuk
5. By Toni Morrison: Home
6. Translated fiction by a woman published prior to 1980
7. Fantasy with queer rep/queer author: Lumberjanes: Out of Time--Noelle Stevenson 
8. Essay collection by author of color
9. By a neurodivergent author: A Kind of Spark--Elle McNicoll 
10. A mythology retelling: The Painted Queen--Elizabeth Peters and Joan Hess
11. Translated fiction from an indie press: Apocalypse Baby--Virginie Despentes 
12. Fiction by a Caribbean writer
13. Non-fiction by disabled writer: Rolling Warrior--Judith Heumann
14. By a non-binary writer: The Fabulous Zed Watson!--Basil Sylvester
15. Historical fiction with queer rep/by a queer author: Last Night at the Telegraph Club--Malinda Lo
16. Fiction by a writer from North Africa
17. Horror-esque fiction by a woman/non-binary writer: Weyward--Emilia Hart
18. By a Latinx author: The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez--Adrianna Cuevas
19. Graphic novel with queer rep/by a queer author: Queen of the Sea--Dylan Meconis 
20. Fantasy by an Asian American writer
21. Poetry by a Black British writer
22. A mythology retelling: Cinderella Liberator--Rebecca Solnit
23. Non-fiction less than 150 pages: The Art of Costuming--Ruth E. Carter 
24. By a Muslim writer
25. By a Southern African writer: The Girl From the Train--Irma Joubert

Boxing Day Humor

The actual meaning of Boxing Day can be found here

Monday, December 25, 2023

2024 Pick Your Poison Reading Challenge

Another favorite I have been doing for several years now. There are always a lot of interesting categories in this one.  Click above to see the graphic with the categories. As in the past, I will try to complete the Fortnightly level (one category from each topic), then see how much father I can go with the list.

The Standards

Thriller: The Paris Apartment--Lucy Foley


Mystery: Fatally Frosted--Jessica Beck

Fantasy: The Fiery Cross--Diana Gabaldon

To Coin A Phrase

Coins on the cover

By an author known for coining a phrase

Title based on a well-known phrase: Leap of Faith--Danielle Steel

Book about language

Our Amazing World

Book about the ocean

Memoir about someone living with nature: Into the Wild--Jon Krakauer

Book about an explorer

Book about a lost species

Classic Computer Games

Oregon Trail--book where the characters might die of dysentery

Legend of Zelda--book where the protagonist is not the title character: Young Jane Young--Gabrielle Zevin

Pacman--A maze on the cover

Space Invaders--book with aliens


About something you might find dead on the road

Mystery set during a vacation 

Hotel on the cover

Something flat on the cover: Vanity Fare--Megan Caldwell

How Does Your Garden Grow

Author with flower/plant name

Coming-of-age story 

About three main characters: Weyward--Emilia Hart

"Silver" or "shell" in the title

Bright and Shiny

Book released in 2024

Memoir about someone with a Hollywood Star

Gold or silver cover

Picture of the sun on the cover: White Lies--Jayne Ann Krentz

Things That Are Good for Us

Vegetable in the title

About walking away

Lots of fresh air on the cover: Summer on Sag Harbor--Sunny Hostin

About positive changes


"Secret" in the title: Summer Secrets--Jane Green

Someone sleeping on the cover

About a secret society: The Jane Austen Society--Natalie Jenner

Book you hope will calm your mind

Reasons a Book Might Be Banned 

About gender identity: Women Who Dared--Linda Skeers

Written by a POC: Behold the Dreamers--Imbolo Mbue

With offensive language 

With talking animals: The Cat Who Saved Books--Sosuke Natsukawa


Mirror on the cover

About looking back

Book you know will make you think: Thunderstruck--Erik Larson

Antonyms in the title: City of Darkness and Light--Rhys Bowen

Book Cliches

The butler did it--Book with a butler

It was a dark and stormy night--Book with a great first line

Once upon a time--Fairy tale retelling: Never Cry Werewolf--Heather Davis

There can only be one--Pits characters against each other: Red Queen--Victoria Aveyard


Book with pirates: Pirate Passover--Judy Press

Sword on the cover

Daring adventure graphic novel: Queen of the Sea--Dylan Meconis

About a stowaway

New Year's Resolutions

Read anything--your goal is to read more: She's Too Pretty to Burn--Wendy Heard

Title that sounds like exercise

About cleaning home or getting organized

About getting away from it all

How Do You Want Your Eggs?

A hard-boiled crime: Reckoning--Catherine Coulter

About finding the sunny side of life

With a poacher 

Book where someone is likely to be "baked"

Doing It "Old School"

Stamp or rotary phone on the cover

Author old enough to be a grandparent

About someone traveling by foot: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry--Rachel Joyce

Set before you were born


Written by someone the same generation as you

Multi-generational story:  Picture Bride--Yoshiko Uchida

Set when boomers were in their prime

Book that generates hope

Food Groups

Dairy--A cheesy book

Meat--Book you can sink your teeth into 

Fruit--Fruit in the title: Death by Cherry Chocolate Cheesecake--Sarah Graves

Grain--Set in a farming community: Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous--Suzanne Park

Love Them Pockets!

Key or pocket watch on the cover: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood--Quentin Tarantino

"Pocket Guide"

Purse on the cover (because of course your clothes don't have pockets): The House of Eve--Sadeqa Johnson

Book that might have been carried in a soldier's pocket

Just Desserts

About revenge: Scandal--Amanda Quick

Something sweet on the cover: Sugar and Spice--Sarah Mlynowski

Book you'd like to settle in with an after-dinner drink

By an author who has a good reputation with fans

Color Me Up!

Color word in the title: Greenglass House--Kate Milford

Favorite color on the cover

Author with a color name: 

Book that looks like someone went crazy with crayons

Seems Sketchy

An illustrated book: The Fabulous Zed Watson!--Basil Sylvester

With an unreliable narrator: Burn for Burn--Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

Sketchbook or notebook on the cover: The Magical Reality of Nadia--Bassem Youssef & Catherine R. Daly

"Fake" in the title

TBR Busters

Book you meant to read last year

Any book on your TBR: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek--Kim Michele Richardson

Book someone gave you that you haven't read yet: Mystique--Amanda Quick

Book in your house with a dusty cover


About a monster no one believes exists

By an author who uses a pseudonym: By the Light of the Study Lamp--Carolyn Keene

Fiction book based on a true story: River Sing Me Home--Eleanor Shearer

About something counterfeit

Spice It Up

Nonfiction book about a controversial person: Paris: The Memoir--Paris Hilton 

Spice in the title

Spicy cover

Set somewhere known for its cuisine

The Long and Short of It

Over 500 pages: The Forgotten Garden--Kate Morton

Under 150 pages: Home--Toni Morrison

Title at least 7 words long: With a Dog AND Cat, Every Day is Fun, Volume 1--Hidekichi Matsumoto

Author whose last name is no more than 5 letters: Yellowface--R.F. Kuang


Gothic novel 

With a geeky character: My Video Game Ate My Homework--Dustin Hansen

About prophecies: The Pilgrim's Progress--John Bunyan

Book someone says "changed their life"

About someone with a disability: Rolling Warrior--Judith Heumann

Saturday, December 23, 2023

2024 Linz The Bookworm/Logophile Reading Challenge

 Been waiting for this one. Another favorite.

Level 1: Book of the Month Club

1 Read a book you got for free: Sourdough Sagas--Herbert L. Heller

2 Read a book by an author you've previously read: Mystique--Amanda Quick

3 Read a book that is under 400 pages: Leap of Faith--Danielle Steel

4 Read a book published in 2014 (10 years ago): Greenglass House--Kate Milford

5 Reread a book you have recommended to someone else

6 Read a retelling of a fairy tale or a classic novel: Sugar and Spice--Sarah Mlynowski

7 Read a book that is a comedy or satire: Bluebeard--Kurt Vonnegut

8 Read a book that's been on your "shelf" for over a year: Fatally Frosted--Jessica Beck

9 Read a book with a color in the title: Red Queen--Victoria Aveyard

10 Read a book from the Los Angeles Public Library's staff recommendationsThe Cat Who Saved Books--Sosuke Natsukawa

11 Read a caper story (heist, thievery, etc.)

12 Free Space! Pick any book: Happy Place--Emily Henry

Level 2: Casual Reader Club

13 Read book 1 of a Duology: It Ends With Us--Colleen Hoover

14 Read book 2 of a Duology: It Starts With Us--Colleen Hoover

15 Read a book about faeries

16 Read a book you meant to read for last year's challenge: By the Light of the Study Lamp--Carolyn Keene

17 Read a book with three or more colors on the cover: The Fabulous Zed Watson!--Basil Sylvester

18 Read a book by an author who shares a first or last name with a family member: The Paris Apartment--Lucy Foley

19 Read a book published by Simon & Schuster or one of its imprints: The Forgotten Garden--Kate Morton

20 Read a book with the word "Dark" in the title: City of Darkness and Light--Rhys Bowen

21 Read a book published in 2004 (20 years ago): Lilibet--Carolly Erickson

22 Read a book with a Gothic theme: Weyward--Emilia Hart

23 Read a book on a banned book list

24 Free Space! Pick any book: Check & Mate--Ali Hazelwood

Level 3: Dedicated Reader Club

25 Read an Enemies to Lovers story: The Spanish Love Deception--Elena Armas

26 Read a Lovers to Enemies (or Friends to Enemies) story

27 Read a book that starts with the letter "S": She's Too Pretty to Burn--Wendy Heard

28 Read a book from Refinery29's "The Ultimate Book Bucket List: The 75 Best Books Of All Time"

29 Read a book with a grey cover: Thunderstruck--Erik Larson

30 Read a book by an author you think has an interesting name: Tess of the Road--Rachel Hartman

31 Read a Historical Fiction novel: Scandal--Amanda Quick

32 Read a book with the name of a place in the title

33 Read a book about a veterinarian (or someone who works with animals)

34 Read the first book in a series you've wanted to start

35 Read a book that was published before you were born: The Pilgrim's Progress--John Bunyan

36 Free Space! Pick any book: Summer on Sag Harbor--Sunny Hostin

Level 4: Speed Reader Club

37 A book by Eleanor Hibbert under any of her pseudonyms

38 Read a Memoir: Paris: The Memoir--Paris Hilton

39 Read a book that is referenced in a film or TV show

40 Read a book with a skull on the cover

41 Read a book with the word "Truth" in the title

42 Read a book that involves gamer/fandom/geek culture: My Video Game Ate My Homework--Dustin Hansen

43 Read a book with a Scientist as the main character: Euphoria--Lily King

44 Read a book that takes place in a cold climate: The Snow Child--Eowyn Ivey

45 Read a book that has double letters in the title: The Address--Fiona Davis

46 Read a book by two or more authors: Burn for Burn--Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

47 Read a book involving or inspired by Egyptian mythology: The Painted Queen--Elizabeth Peters and Joan Hess

48 Free Space! Pick any book

Level 5: Overachiever Club

49 Read a book with a Unicorn in it: Bo's Magical New Friend--Rebecca Elliott

50 Read a book that takes place during the 18th century (1701-1800): Persian Letters--Montesquieu

51 Read a book by Jonathan Coe

52 Read a book with over 700 pages: The Fiery Cross--Diana Gabaldon

53 A book with a title that has 5 words: Branded by the Pink Triangle--Ken Setterington

54 Read a non-fiction book: Lifting as We Climb--Evette Dionne

55 Read a book with a picture of food or drink on the cover: Vanity Fare--Megan Caldwell

56 Read a book by an author with Fred in their name

57 Read a book that takes place in South America

58 Read a book you previously started but left unfinished

59 Rickrolled! Read a book with one (or more) of the following words in the title: Never Going To Give You Up: Never Cry Werewolf--Heather Davis

60 Free Space! Pick any book