Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Mid-Year Reading Progress Post

The weather right now may not make it seem so, but the year is half-over. At this time, I like to make a post on my reading progress thus far.

Of all the year-long challenges I am participating in, I have finished three so far. (I always seem to finish these ones first):

My book total as of this post in 122. Erin's Challenge 19.0 starts this Saturday and runs through October.  I have my books picked out for this one, some I have at home, the rest from the library (one is currently on hold).

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Friday, June 16, 2023

Searching for Vintage Mystery Books for Children

One of the things I brought up during my A to Z blogging in April was mystery books for children. Some time earlier, I had remembered about reading The Bobbsey Twins as a child. During the time, I came across other series produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate, a publishing company that of different authors (many using the same pseudonyms) that put out series like The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, The Bobbsey Twins, Tom Swift, and The Dana Girls, among others. I also discovered series not produced by the Syndicate, such as Judy Bolton, Trixie Belden, Cherry Ames, Vicki Barr, and Connie Blair.  I came across even more such series on this website.

The first place I looked was on Project Gutenberg, where I found some of the Vicki Barr and Judy Bolton books, but none of the others mentioned above. I have read of the Judy Bolton books on PG.

If only I had  known about these books before the used bookstore nearby had closed down last year! But since I don't have that option now, I chose to go on Amazon. After a lot of searching, and deciding what titles to get, here is what I ordered:

This is the first book in the Dana Girls series, written by the Stratemeyer Syndicate under the same pseudonym used for the Nancy Drew series. I was never big on Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys, BTW. Those can still be found at the library, because they have proven more popular than this series, which I was not aware of until recently. 

The first book in the Trixie Belden series. Another series I was never aware of until recently.  One of those not from the Syndicate.  This series doesn't seem to have endured much either. 

Again, the first book of the series. Another series that escaped me as a child. It. too must not have been that popular.

I also picked the first book in this series. Yet another I missed in childhood that must not have been very popular.

And just the other day at a local thrift store, I came across this book:

Still another series I did not know about as a child. One not shown on this site. It sounds like one that would have been included. This is the second book of the series.

I have yet to read any of these books, as they have only recently arrived. Has anyone ever read any of these series? If so, what do you think? Any other similar series you would recommend? 

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Not Quite Warm Yet

I still can't over the fact that we're in June and the weather hasn't been warm yet. In my neck of the woods, the weather has been like the following:

OK, so summer hasn't officially begun. The solstice day is next Wednesday. But it has often begun feeling summer warm as early as May. I'm guessing that the rains in March and April have something to do with the not-yet warm June weather. The only thing I hope not to see is 100-degree heat waves in early September as was true last year. One can only wait to see what will happen.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

June Bookish Bingo

 The new card is here.

My Books:

  1. The Path Made Clear--Oprah Winfrey (4 squares): Audiobook, Book Club Read, Cover is a Simple Design, Not in a Series
  2. The Other Side--Juan Pablo Villalobos (2 squares): Physical Book, Society
  3. Famous Father Daughter--Jamie Bernstein (2 squares): E-Book, Father
  4. Summer on the Bluffs--Sunny Hostin (8 squares): Set in Summer, In a Series, Shelf Love, Body of Water, Bride/Wife, Free Space, Current Partner Related to Ex, Soul Mates
  5. The Best At It--Maulik Pancholy (3 squares): Free Book, Gifted to You, Secret Crush
  6. The Deep--Rivers Solomon (3 squares): Library Book, Mythical Creature, Mysterious Character 
  7. Citizen Coke--Bartow J. Elmore (2 squares): Beverage in the Title, Junk Food
  8. Aurora Burning--Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff (1 square): Future Setting
25 squares completed on June 22