Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Hot Weather

Many of you have probably seen memes like this recently:

The last two months have seemed longer than usual. It's been six weeks since I last worked, yet it has seemed like an eternity. Lately, the way I tend to remember what day it is is by what is on TV each night and when our neighborhood gets our garbage picked up (on Fridays, meaning we have to place ours out the night before). 

As though all this weren't confusing enough, another thing has been happening lately in my neck of the woods--Hot weather. Not unusual for late April in California as it has happened in the past, but it's just adding to the time confusion. Some are asking colloquially, "What month or day is it?" and now they can ask "What season is it?"

Anyone else having hot weather in their area? 

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Born Under the Wrong Sign? Part 2

Again, the one for my sign just doesn't seem to fit me. I try not to judge books by their cover. Unless having to read a book "with a red cover," "with an animal on the cover" or some prompt like that counts. But that's not my idea. So I'm not really judging in those instances. Sometimes I see  movie before reading the book, mostly if I don't know about the book. But I have tried to read the book first. I've only read one "Harry Potter" as of yet. Overdrive has it this month without any waiting, and I took advantage of that earlier this month. I don't dog-ear books, even those I have at home. Bookmarks all the way! I would never read the end first or lie about finishing a book. I never forget to return borrowed books or try to read too many at once. I'll admit it's been a while since I gave ebook a five-star rating on Goodreads, but it has happened. I can't ever recall not finishing a book. Spoil books for others? Never. So where do I really fit in this premise? I guess I don't. How about you?

Friday, April 24, 2020

Reading Digital Books

I had been reading free books from Project Gutenberg for a while now, but only just began the Overdrive books. I began this once the library shut down amid the pandemic. It's one of the places I am dying to get back to.

There are pros and cons of digital reading, though there seem to be more cons. Some books have a wait of six months. And some titles are not available at all. They can be suggested, but that does not guarantee they will be added. I have suggested some titles and none have been added. And having to stare at my computer screen for so long and being unable to read in bed. I have also been listening to audiobooks on Overdrive, but have to sit near my computer to hear most of them, unlike on CD, when I can can get up and listen. The pros of course is that it is free with your library card.

I'm glad that Zip Books via my library is still running during this time. Up to three items can be ordered a month. Those ordering from Zip Books will hold onto the items ordered until the library reopens. I have two books from Zip right now. I now wonder how many I will accumulate before the library reopens.

And of course there is my stash at home that I have been working through. Gets so hard to decide sometimes. Still prefer this kind of books.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Some Habits Still Remain

Hi, how is everyone? Still hanging on during this uncertain time. 

But even as we're forced to distance and stay home, there are some habits I have not given up on. I still regularly shower. It just feels better that way, even when I can't go anywhere. And I don't sit around in pajamas all day long. It's just not my style. So I won't have to worry about my pants not fitting later. And I still find myself waking up between 6 and 8 each morning. And without seeing my alarm clock. Trying to stay in bed all day is something I just can't do. And having to be shut in home doesn't seem to change that. Habits can be hard to break. 

The important thing right now is safety. And I'm doing my best to stay safe. 
All you out there do the same.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Did Some Writing Last Night

All this time off and I did not feel like writing anything, but also night did some while in bed. It was actually something I had begun as a free write during one of my last meetings of Writers' Lab (one of the things I am missing during the quarantine). And I hope to get back on my sequel to the teeth book, though I am not really sure how to continue that. I'm going to try, though.

I have several empty notebooks at home and used one of them last night. It  was good I had some. I'm one of those who likes to write on paper first, then type. It's easy to write on paper anywhere, especially in bed. I may even try dictating a story on my phone. I tried this once and it was all right, but it won't be one of my preferred methods. Something different to do once in a while. 

Friday, April 3, 2020

Chapter Break Bingo – April 2020

The April card is here.

April Bookish Bingo

My Books: 
  1. If You Could Be Mine--Sara Farizan (6 squares): Library, Ebook, Free Book, Romance, Feisty Character, Not in a Series
  2. Soul Surfer--Bethany Hamilton (5 squares): Shelf Love, Physical Book, Siblings, Not a New Release, Sun on the Cover
  3. The Poets' Corner--John Lithgow (1 square): Audiobook
  4. The Betrothed--Alessandro Manzoni (3 squares): Free Space, Historic Setting, Gold on the Cover
  5. Princess in Love--Meg Cabot (3 squares): Royalty, In a Series, Travel
  6. Reborn--C.C. Hunter (4 squares): Shapeshifter, Urban Fantasy, Angel or Demon, Vengeance
  7. Silent Spring--Rachel Carson (1 square): Set in Spring
  8. The Swans of Fifth Avenue--Melanie Benjamin (1 square): Book Club Read
  9. Twenty Wishes--Debbie Macomber (1 square): A Favorite Author

25 squares completed on April 21