Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Can you believe it's here?   You know what it means--going to the store to get some candy for tonight, if you haven't already done so.   I haven't as of yet.  Since the holiday fell on Wednesday this year, it was obvious that most bars, restaurants and such would be having parties the previous Friday or Saturday.  As such it felt like the day was already over even though it is officially today.

I missed three days of the countdown this year.  I'd missed days when participating in previous years (been doing the countdown since 2009) for various reasons.  This year it was because of being too tired one Sunday and the next (this past Sunday after being out late the night before), and yesterday.  Even though I live on the West Coast, all the news over  Hurricane Sandy was enough to out me out of the mode for a day.  I'm praying those on the East Coast will be safe.  It's sad that it happened now, just before one of the funnest nights of the year.  Since it was only one till Halloween, there really wasn't much to post  yesterday anyway.  There weren't a lot of houses in my neighborhood decorated this year, as far as I could see.   The Candy Corn Oreos eluded me.  I'd heard about them but did not see them anywhere.  No Halloween lotto tickets to be found near me.  These would have made great posts.  I don't watch baseball, but am wondering just how many people have been trekking over to San Francisco to see the Giants victory parade.  Some have thought Halloween wasn't a good day for the parade, as they are worried about extra madness with both celebrations on the same day.

Don't yet know about the rest of today, what I'll be doing. But if anything happens today that is worth of noting, I will let you know as a post-Halloween recap tomorrow.  I will be off work tomorrow and will begin the dreaded task of removing my decorations and putting them in storage until next year, than waiting about three weeks before the Christmas lights and fiber optic tree go up for most of December.  And in between I'll be waiting for the dreary days of November to pass.  Almost no one thinks much of Thanksgiving anymore.

Until then, have a good night tonight and be safe.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Two Days Left

Even though Halloween is still two days away, it feels like it's already over.  All the celebrations were last weekend, since the holiday is on a Wednesday this year.  Already I'm wondering when all the celebrations will be next year when the holiday occurs on a Thursday, something that hasn't happened since 2002. Can't wait till the next time it's on a Friday (in 2014) and a Saturday (2015).  I missed blogging yesterday because I wasn't feeling too well, but there wasn't really much to say.   I did go to karaoke last Friday as I've been saying.  I will never miss that.  And to another celebration on Saturday night.  And on Saturday afternoon, saw "Fun Size" just as I had been planning.  Was a great movie!  I already want to get the DVD so I can watch it each year now!

Below are some photos from  karaoke last Friday night.  I'm in the middle of both as the 50s girl.

If I could I go to a street celebration on Wednesday night, but not going to happen (long story).  But I'm prepared since I took this Thursday off.  I know that day I'll be taking down the decorations, as the not-so-eventful month of November takes over the calendar.  I never do much for Thanksgiving, but am waiting for the final "Twilight" movie to premiere.  Hard to believe the series is coming to an end.  My family and I have been going to see the movies on Thanksgiving Day; I wonder what we will see on Thanksgiving in the years to come. with "Twilight" coming to a close.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Giants Pumpkin

I spotted this pumpkin on a neighbor's porch this morning.  Looks like Halloween and the World series really do come together.   I was surprised, however, that there were no pumpkins carved with presidential candidates faces.  At least not from what I have seen.  With over 235 units in my mobile home park, it's not easy to get to every one of them. This one happens to be near the entrance/exit of the park and I passed by it on the way to Quik Stop this morning.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Karaoke Tonight!

Not a lot to say tonight since I've been running errands after work today  before heading out to karaoke for Halloween.  You may have read about this in Tuesday's post.  It's amazing how much stuff you have to do before getting out to have fun.  I seemed to have a lot today, but luckily I hit the grocery store yesterday since I  knew laundry would need to be done  this weekend.  Now I just have to worry about dinner.  Then watch "Jeopardy" before heading out.  The fun starts at nine tonight!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quiz: What Miniature Chocolate Bar Are You?

You Are a Krackel Bar
You create a spark and leave a mark everywhere you go. You're very bold.
Your days are full of fun and laughter. You love life, and you never take it too seriously.

You enjoy brightening someone's mood, and you are always an optimist.
Things may not ever be perfect, but you'll always find something to smile about.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Haunted House Test

You Are Complex and Deep
You are a bit of a contradiction. It's hard to label you or sum you up easily.
You have many interesting layers to your personality... and some of them you keep completely to yourself.

You are open to change, and it's likely that your life has gone through many phases already.
You don't expect anyone else to understand you. You're still trying to understand yourself!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This Week's League Assignment: This is Halloween!

This week's assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers:

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! What are your Halloween traditions?

Well, let me begin by saying how I always went trick-or-treating as a kid.  I gave up on this once I hit high school.  In college I found myself less into the holiday, getting excluded form most of the parties, save one n 1992, one of the few years since I've been alive that Halloween occurred on a Saturday.  I've similarly been excluded from parties (Sorry to have to say all this!) by various co-workers at different jobs over the years, save the one I was at in 2005.  Again, sorry to be saying all this.  And it's even more complicated that what I've already told you.  So let me tell you what I have been doing since 2008, when I wandered downtown to a local bar  in Hollister, California that has been around since the 1940s.

Upon entering the bar, I discovered they were having a Halloween-based karaoke contest.  I had never been great all that great at singing and didn't bother, at least not then.  Contestants were to sing a song that seems to correlate with their costume.  As some of you league posters may remember from our first assignment this month, I was the Seven Deadly Sins that year.  It when then that I met this one lady who really likes karaoke and we've been talking since then.  I then decided to go to the Halloween karaoke the following year and have been ever since.  This year event will be this coming Friday.

And it seems I can't go without eating candy corn each Halloween.  This year alone, I bought three bags already, most recently this past Sunday at Rite Aid.

Other League participants this week so far:
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Monday, October 22, 2012

How Halloween, the Election and the World Series Seem to Come Together

Does Halloween seem to be overshadowed by the election and the World Series?  There seems to be more media hype over these two events.  There seems to be more in papers and TV news about who will be the next president, and (in local, regional and state elections) who will be the next mayor, councilman, etc.  And everyone has been wondering which teams will make it into the world Series this year.  A few media spots about what the hottest costume this year will be might turn up might turn up on some news outlet, but that's not likely to happen until just a few days before the holiday.  All month long there has been news on the election, though that news begins even earlier than October.  Yes, it's true that the World Series always airs around this time of year and the elections are always on the first Tuesday in November.  But when it's a presidential election year, the election is what dominates the media and overshadows most other events.

Go around your neighborhood--do you see more political signs or Halloween decorations?  Or an equal number of each?  After heading to the Quik Stop across the street to grab the paper on Saturday,  I took a quick stroll up the road and passed by a few nearby houses, seeing a few political signs (for my town's local election) and some Halloween decorations, which in this particular region, seemed to be equal in number.  This was as far as I was able to go that day.  A few house in the same area had no Halloween stuff and no election signs.
A neighborhood tree covered with
fake spider webs.
Sign for a local mayoral candidate.

Sign for local school board

Mailbox at the same house as the tree withthe fake spiderwebs.

Not to put down those looking forward to the baseball games, but I don't watch sports.  And yes, I plan to vote like a good american, but I don't need t hear all the debates live.  I could not sit in front of the TV all night for this. I'll just watch the news later and hear the recaps.  That pretty much says all I need to know.  The last debate airs tonight and then around Wednesday, all the popular TV shows begin airing Halloween episodes.  Ironically, even though Halloween is next Wednesday, the ABC Wednesday lineup airs their Halloween episodes this Wednesday (the 24th).  It stands to reason that such episodes don't often air until just before Halloween. The last three years the annual "Simpsons Treehouse of Horror" episodes have been airing in October.  For most of the last decade, they would not air until November, because of Fox's baseball coverage. And the World Series begins Wednesday the 24th  on Fox as well.  What will you be watching?

A scene from a local bar Halloween celebration last year. 
If you go to a Halloween celebration at a local bar or club, chances are they will be watching the Series on the TV screens that hover all over the bar.  One such bar in my town, which does karaoke every Thursday and Friday, always has a Halloween celebration every year, usually on on the Friday before the holiday.  And yes, they always have the screens tuned into the what ever major game is playing that night.  The karaoke doesn't start until 9PM, since most games are over by then.   There won't be a baseball game this Friday, however, when they have their annual Halloween celebration.  I will be there as always and am curious to see what my karaoke friend and our favorite bartender will be dressed as.

Speaking of which, does anyone plan on being their favored presidential candidate for Halloween? A whole section the nearby Halloween City store was devoted to masks of each of the current presidential candidates and their running mates.  During the 2008 election, it was believed that Sarah Palin was going to be a popular costume, but I did not see one person in this disguise.  People in my town never seem to wear the popular disguises.  No Michael Jacksons or Oxi Clean Guys were spotted in 2009 and no Lady Gagas in any of the last three years or so.   This article from ABC News gives a list of possible election-inspired
costumes.  Yeah,  I suspect Big Bird might be popular after the presidential debate, but Workout Paul Ryan?  Would anyone even guess that that is who you're supposed to be?  If you're not inclined to be a candidate, try being a Ballot Box  (see photo above) or making a costume out of sample ballots, getting some use out of these things before they go into the recycle bin.

Is the World Series a costume-inspiring event as well?  Doesn't seem likely since it often begins just before Halloween and that would meaning coming up with something in just a week or at the very last minute.  Because the teams are not determined until the last playoff game, you're probably not going to find a pre-made costume at the Halloween stores of any baseball player.  But if you tried, I'm sure you could pull something like this off in only a week.

Whatever you will be doing, wearing and watching over the next weeks, the important thing is to have fun.   And don't forget to vote on November 6.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pink Scarf for 25 Cents

All I needed to complete my 50s costume was a pink scarf.  I'd already found the poodle skirt at Goodwill last month, and got a pink jacket at Halloween City a week ago yesterday, with a 20% off coupon from their website.  The store had some 50s scarves, but I wanted to see if I could find a cheap one if possible from a second-hand store.

I wanted to get  pink striped shirt to wear with the skirt and jacket, and lo and behold, a pink striped shirt surfaced at Goodwill on Wednesday.  It was 20% off yellow tags that day, and this was a yellow tag, so that was perfect.  Well, today, I walked into another thrift store in my hometown, and everything was half-off today.  I asked one of the ladies who volunteers at the store if they had any scarves and she showed me where they were.  A pink one was there!  I grabbed it immediately and went to look around the store some more before paying.  Well, that was great! I'm done now!

Friday, October 19, 2012

"Fun Size"-- Premiering Next Week

I can't wait to see this movie next week.  It should be fun.   See the trailer below.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Finally Saw "Frankenweenie"

After almost two weeks of waiting, I saw "Frankenweenie" yesterday.  It was pretty good and a must-see before Halloween.  It pays homage to several classic horror films.   Be sure to see it soon!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More on Candy Corn

Just had to pick up some candy corn today since it was on sale today.  I can never get through  Halloween season without not having any of the stuff at least once.  This is the second time this season.  The Halloween season doesn't seem complete without candy corn.

I don't hate buying candy corn for other holidays, but what is with different candies originally made for one holiday crossing over to other holidays?  Many hate Peeps for holidays other than Easter, but I have to say the worst offender is the gingerbread house.  As much as I like Halloween, a Halloween gingerbread house seems a little weird.  I'm surprised they aren't making Easter gingerbread houses too.  But can those be far behind?  Easter already has pastel-colored candy corn.  And pink, red and white candy corn is made for Valentines Day, and  there is red, white and green Christmas candy corn, commonly called Reindeer Corn.   Something seems just so weird about that name.

I haven't really been looking, but I've only spotted the pumpkin Peeps this season> Don't think I've seen any ghosts (Peeps, that is), but it's been years since I saw the black cat peeps. I bought some of those one year, but now they seem a bit elusive.   The gingerbread man Peeps have been elusive the last few Christmases as well, as I only recall ever having any of those once.  perhaps they should just stick to making Peeps for Easter.

As for candy corn in different colors, I'm not too bothered by it.   But I tend to buy the orange, yellow and white version at Halloween the most all year long.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Jack-o-Lantern Quiz

You Are A Cute Optimist
You are a naturally cheerful, happy go lucky person.
You're the type of person to see Halloween through the eyes of a child.

This Halloween, dress up as something cute - like a bunny.
The candy you should give out: candy corn

Monday, October 15, 2012

Quiz: What Treat Should You Give out for Halloween?

You Should Give Out Milk Chocolate
You are a very modest and unassuming person. You don't pretend to be someone you're not.
Like a milk chocolate bar, you're perfect the way you are. You don't need any flash.

You are comforting and steady. People know what they can expect from you, and they appreciate your strengths.
While some trendy types may leave you underrated for a while, people always come back to you in the end.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Trick or Treat Murder" by Leslie Meier

On Labor Day weekend,  a thrift sore in my neighborhood had half-off sale, and during this sale I picked up some of the Lucy Stone Mystery books by Leslie Meier.  All the books are centered on a theme related to a different holiday or other occasion.   One of those I picked up was "Trick or Treat Murder" which I plan to start reading soon, likely tomorrow.  It's only appropriate since it's October :-)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Quiz: What Does Your Favorite Candy Say About You?

You are a Secret Weirdo
You are a very strange character. Much stranger than people realize at first.
Like candy corn, the more people think about you - the weirder you seem.

While you are quite quirky, that's what is lovable about you.
You are bright, bold, and simply happy. What could be better?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Netflix Envelopes

Saw this on the DVD I got from Netflix today. I don't think I've ever seen this before in the five years since I've gotten DVDs from Netflix. Now that's the spirit!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quiz: What You Should Be for Halloween?

Your Halloween Costume Should Be Candy Corn
Eerily, that fits somehow!
Blogthings: We'll Tell You The Truth... Someone Has To!

Even though I've already decided on a costume, I took this quiz just for the fun of it.  How weird, after all my previous posts mentioning candy corn.  Maybe I should consider this for another year.  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ideas From My Pinterest Costume Board

As I said in my last post, I've been addicted to pinning in Pinterest  since around February.  I knew I had to make a board for costume ideas.  I've pinned numerous ideas since then and I know I'll keep finding new ones, even when it's not Halloween.  I have far too many pins on this board to share here, but there are a few I'd like to mention.  Check the link above for all my pins.

Coors Light Beer Cans
This is one of my most popular pins.  So many people have been repinning this one, I only wonder how many people will be attempting this one.  Seems pretty easy to make.

Beside Myself
Looks like fun.  And easy.  Have thought of doing this, but just haven't gotten around to it.  I have an old Cabbage Patch Kid doll.

Miss USA
Always a fun and easy one.  Still don't know why I've never tried this one.

Candi Korn
Yes,  the popular Halloween candy has made it way to costumes.  One year, I bought the Pumpkin Spice costume, which, along with this one and one called Strawberry Tart,  makes up the Fruity Licious
costumes.  I didn't care too much for the Strawberry, but did consider the Candi Korn before settling on the Pumpkin.  

Dunking Donuts
Seems like fun.  I may have to remove the donut when driving, however.  And I have no clue how to make this thing.  But still like this idea.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Candy Corn Treats

Candy corn's not just pieces of candy anymore.  As this blogger pointed out, it's now a flavor for Dots Candy and Oreos, something I'm tempted to look for this season. I've already tried to find the Oreos, but to no avail.  Not yet sure about looking for the Dots, however.

But it doesn't end there.   I'm one of those who've been addicted to pinning on Pinterest for several months now. Recently I can across a recipe for making candy corn sugar cookies. It looks tempting and I may just try it.  But I can't be too sure, because as much I want to bake stuff I never seem to be bale to find time as I get too tired.  But if I really want to do this, I will try to make the effort.  Below are two different candy corn cookie recipes.

And also candy corn marshmallow treats.  I've always bought pre-made marshmallow treats at stores, never made any. I will have to learn how if I get tempted to make any of these.

Candy Corn cupcakes.  Seems easy enough to bake.

Candy Corn marshmallows.

I found other candy corn treats as well, but this is all I feel like posting.  This is something that could go on all night.  I think you all get the idea.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Last Friday afternoon at Target I spotted Kool-Aid's Ghoul-Aid in the Halloween section.  The stuff was free if you bought two packs off Kool-Aid Jammers, but I didn't want those, so I got the Ghoul-Aid for $1.00 for a five-pack. Still a pretty good deal.  The flavor is called Scary Blackberry.

When I got home I opened one envelope of the mix and added the necessary cup of sugar.  I let the stuff chill in the fridge overnight.  I also used some of the Kool-Aid to make ice cubes, something I'd found on Pinterest months ago and have been doing numerous times since this summer.  I let the ice cubes solidify overnight as well.  

Here's how the Ghoul-Aid looked after being mixed in the pitcher.  It's kind of  purple or blue-looking:

And here's a look at the ice cubes before going into the glass with lemon-lime soda:

And after the soda was poured over the ice cubes:

The stuff made good ice cubes and was pretty good by itself.   I haven't had blackberry Kool-Aid before, but it tasted all right.   I have four more packs of this stuff, so it looks like I'll be drinking this stuff all month long.  Not bad stuff.   It was worth the purchase for $1.00.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Questionable Items on Thrift Store Halloween Racks

Just about any item of clothing you find at thrift stores can be made into a costume, even if it's not on the designated costume racks.  I was surprised almost a month ago when casually browsing at Goodwill and found a used poodle skirt.  Often on the racks designated or costumes there are used costumes that are often stained, ripped or incomplete.  And then there's stuff that isn't  a costume at all but which the store's sorters have seemingly decided might be used as such.  Alongside used stained Spiderman costumes, ninja costumes lacking hoods and weapons, French maid dresses without the aprons, and pinstriped gangster pants without the matching jacket, there are items such as t-shirts with Halloween designs,  Army jackets, sporting uniforms, graduation robes and bridal gowns.

And there are really questionable items on such racks that seem like they could be used as a costume but the customer isn't sure what they could actually be used for. Or would they make a costume at all?

First, this floral dress.  What do you think this would be for? What could the workers have been thinking when they placed it on the costume rack?  Of course, it's also possible that it was just placed on the rack through customer error, as often happens in retail establishments.  But does this dress look bizarre enough to be mistaken for a costume?

And this blue checkered skirt?  I guess they thought this looked like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz's dress, but it's just a skirt and probably not the best way to make a girl a Dorothy dress. It might be difficult, if not impossible, to find a shirt that matches this skirt exactly, so anyone's better off buying a ready-made Dorothy dress, which you can find just about anywhere.  But what else can you make with a blue-checkered skirt like this?   I have no clue, how about you?

Here we have something that isn't a costume at all and would be depressing as such.  It's a plastic kids raincoat with a frog hood. Sorry for such a crappy photo, but I was in a hurry today to get it snapped and was too lazy to snap it from all sides, so this was the best I could get.  Why this got placed on the rack designated for costumes I don't know.  Do they not think kids will know it's a raincoat?  I'm sure most kids don't used their raincoats for costumes even if the hood is in the shape of a frog.

And this multicolored shirt?  Kind of looks like a medical  scrub top with a fancy collar and long sleeves.  Is it supposed to be for a clown?  Kind of looks that way, but will anyone think to use it as such?  Who knows?  Looks to bizarre even for medical use.  Then again, if that's what it's used for, it'll just get stained.  Gd only knows what this shirt was originally used for. let alone how anyone would use it as part of a costume.

And one last thing, this dress.  It looks kind of bizarre and foreign (in more ways that one), but who knows what it is supposed to be.  I have no clue abut this one.  What do you think?

As I said earlier, it's possible that some things get put on this rack by customers by mistake.  It's easy, in any sort of retail store, for customers to  place items they decide  they don't want anywhere they can reach before going to get their purchase rung up.  As someone who works in retail, I see this all the time, and I have been guilty of doing it myself when I'm in hurry to leave the store.   But most of the items being on the costume rack don't appear to be through customer error.   Today at one thrift store in my town I saw a dark-orange women's tank top from Lane Bryant.  I didn't get a photo, sorry, hard to explain.  I had to wonder if it was just placed on the costume rack by mistake or because it was orange. What costume it would be used for, I cannot even imagine.

And I still wonder about graduation gowns.  Why is it that these things only appear in thrift stores at Halloween time?  Why are they never in these stores starting around May when students are preparing to graduate from grade school, junior high, high school or college?  Do schools not allow students to wear used gowns?  I don't recall this whether or not this was true when I was in school.  And are there  any kids who graduated from whatever level of school this past June planning to use their robe for a  Harry Potter or Judge Judy costume?  Or have your robes already been sent to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, Savers, or whatever other thrift store? When I did the Half-Devil, Half Angel costume about seven years ago, I decided to make it using graduation robes.  I got one in red and one in white, of course, and used half of each. Sewing them together was easy because I only had to sew them on the back.

And bridal gowns.  When I was browsing these racks one day about a month ago, another customer remarked how expensive these things are and why are they on the costume rack.  While it seems that these would be the obvious choice for being the Bride of Frankenstein on Halloween, you may want to consider how expansive these things can be even in a thrift store, but if you can afford them, so be it.  But there's also the bulkiness of these things.  Riding in your car  to a celebration at a local bar or another person's house in one of these dresses might get uncomfortable. At least that's how I imagine it. Some costumes are a bit difficult to move in, and this seems like one of them.  But using a real bridal gown seems better than making a fake one out of toilet paper, something that seems best reserved for bachelorette parties. If you have to go to more than one party for Halloween,  you may not be able to duplicate the toilet paper bride costume the second time exactly as it was the first. And you don't want to risk your creation being ruined if rain on Halloween seems eminent in your area.   Then again, if  even a used bridal gown is too expensive for your budget, you could make a white graduation robe look like bride's dress.  It will be less bulky and won't get destroyed by rain.

Who knows about these other items--maybe someone will use their imagination to transform them intosomething.  But who knows.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Quiz: Halloween Cupcake Test

You Are Cheerful
You love to celebrate every occasion, and that's especially true for Halloween.
In your opinion, the Halloween season can't start soon enough. You love to go a bit overboard this time of year.

You're the type of person who likes to include everyone in the fun. You're very friendly.
You have a great time wherever you go. It's all thanks to your very upbeat and optimistic attitude!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grocery Store Halloween Display

Today at Safeway I saw one of those store displays made from empty soda 12-packs.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Decorations

Took these pictures last night.  My decorations look the same every year. Keep wishing I could do something different, but there's just not enough lighting outside.  Maybe another year.