Saturday, September 30, 2023

My Last Netflix DVD

Above are pictures (sorry they're a bit blurry) of the last DVD I received from Netflix. Yesterday was the last shipping day. These past weeks, I've been rushing to watch the ones I had out in order to get as many as possible before yesterday. I did not receive any extra DVDs even after registering last month, but I did not expect that. 

As I have said, I'm not about to give on watching DVDs since I have so many at home already. And there is still the option of the library. Just last week, I got the Peanuts Halloween DVD at Target, since the specials don't seem to be shown on TV anymore (as far as I have seen). And in August, I ordered Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret on DVD.

The last DVDs customers receive from Netflix do not have to be returned, but those wishing to return them have until October 27. I'm pretty sure I won't be keeping the one I got. 

I'm going to miss seeing these red envelopes. I was surprised to learn they were once green. That was early on, before I had a DVD player. Even After getting the player in 2002, I did not begin getting Netflix until 2007. When I learned April that the DVDs would no longer be shipped out, I chose to keep going until then. There are now about 12 movies queued that I won't be seeing☹️ In the weeks leading up to the end, I removed titles from the queue  that I could find at the library and on streaming for free. Not many could be found that way. Just the same, I did print out the remaining titles. Maybe they will turn up--who knows?

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Barbie Costumes

At least I think that's what these two Goodwill costume displays are supposed to be.  They were on the same rack, on different days.

The wigs on the rack look appropriate for Barbie and Ken. The male wig even looks a lot like Ryan's Gosling's Ken from the movie. The female wig incidentally, is labeled as  "Goddess Wig."

I'm now tempted to go the Barbie route for Halloween. I was already looking for ideas once I saw these pictures a friend posted on her Facebook and Instagram after seeing the movie in our home town. I now suspect this will be a hot costume this year. Over the summer, I got a new swimsuit top and bright pink skirt that might just work for this 🙂

And here are some "Barbenheimer" costumes that I found, worn by movie goers during the films' release week. Could there be more of these come October?

There are Barbie Box costumes for sale, but I could never wear one of those. 

Here is one suggestion for dressing as Oppenheimer. And this is what came up when entering  "Oppenheimer costume" on Amazon. I don't anticipate seeing a lot of  Oppenheimer outfits--do you?

Monday, September 18, 2023

Which is Scarier?

The other day, a friend on Facebook posted the photo below (and the same photo came up on my memories today). 

In response to the post yesterday, I posted the following:

What seems scarier to you?

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Pumpkin Spice Red Vines

Yes, this is real. I took the picture to prove it. I just had to try these and they were not bad at all. 

This was not surprising to see, as there seems to be pumpkin Spice everything these days during the fall season. I can only wonder what will be next.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

A Little More Than Two Weeks Left ...

 ... until people will stop seeing the following in their mailboxes:

Now only junk mail and bills will be in the boxes ☹️ I've always loved seeing these iconic red envelopes arrive, with and without the holiday doodles. Even though the service is about to end, envelopes this year had doodles to celebrate 25 years of Netflix. So weird that they chose to end celebrate something that's about to end. 

I now wonder how many more discs I will have coming during the remainder of the month. There are still about 20 titles left in my queue. I've been trying to eliminate titles I can see on streaming without paying. I have a feeling, though, that  a lot of the ones toward the bottom of the queue may not be available on streaming. Some are pretty obscure.  I may still get DVDs from the library, so I may see if some of the titles are available there, though some are not likely to be so. And even though library DVDs are free, at my library, we only get them for two weeks (though it did only used to be ONE week).  

Even without DVDs in a red envelope arriving every two to three days, I'm not about give up my player and the ones I already have. I knew I wanted to get "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret" and did do through Amazon. I now want to get the "Barbie" movie. At Target, I saw the Peanuts Halloween DVD for $10 and I am now considering getting that one. The Peanuts holidays specials are no longer available on TV, and the last year or so, I've been borrowing them from the library. This way I can see it when I want to, as many times as I choose. Netflix may be done with DVDs, but I'm not. Not now.

Sunday, September 3, 2023

September Bookish Bingo

 Here is the card for this month.

My Books:

  1. In Deeper Waters--F.T. Lukens (5 squares): E-Book, Pirate, Super Hero, Unusual Mode of Transport, Action/Adventure
  2. The Hill We Climb--Amanda Gorman (2 squares): Audiobook, Book Club Read
  3. With the Might of Angels--Andrea Davis Pinkney (4 squares): Shelf Love, Physical Book, In a Series, Impossible Odds
  4. Nothing But Trouble--Jacqueline Davies (4 squares): Free Book, Not in a Series, Symbols on the Cover, Sarcasm/Wit
  5. A Summer Affair--Elin Hilderbrand (8 squares): Library Book, Meant to Read Over the Summer, Holiday, Professional, Mistakes, Surprises, Ex-Relationship, Long--Over 400 Pages
  6. Orange Volume 2--Ichigo Takano (2 squares): Color in the Title, Free Space

25 squares completed on September 11