Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge 2022

 Doing this one again.

20th Century Reader - 2 books
Victorian Reader - 5 books
Renaissance Reader - 10 books
Medieval - 15 books
Ancient History - 25 books
Prehistoric - 50+ books

My Books:

Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge 2022

 Doing this one again.

Challenge Rules:

  • You can read any book that is from the mystery/suspense/thriller/crime genres. Any sub-genres are welcome as long as they incorporate one of these genres.
  • You don’t need a blog to participate but you do need a place to post your reviews to link up. (blog, Goodreads, Instagram, etc.)
  • Make a goal post and link it back here with your goal for this challenge.
  • Books need to at least 100 pages long. Please no short stories.
  • Crossovers with other challenges are fine.
  • The Challenge will run from Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st. (Sign up ends March 15th)


5-15 books – Amateur sleuth

16-25 books – Detective

26-35 books – Inspector

36 – 55 – Special agent

56+ books – Sherlock Holmes 

My Books:

2022 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge

 I always get excited for this one.

  1. A book published in 2022
  2. A book set on a plane, train, or cruise ship
  3. A book about or set in a nonpatriarchal society 
  4. A book with a tiger on the cover or "tiger" in the title 
  5. A sapphic book
  6. A book by a Latinx author 
  7. A book with an onomatopoeia in its title
  8. A book with a protagonist who uses a mobility aid
  9. A book about a "found family"
  10. An Anisfield-Wolf Book Award winner
  11. A #BookTok recommendation
  12. A book about the afterlife
  13. A book set in the 1980s
  14. A book with cutlery on the cover or in the title
  15. A book by a Pacific Islander author 
  16. A book about witches
  17. A book becoming a TV series or movie in 2022
  18. A romance novel by a BIPOC author
  19. A book that takes place during your favorite season 
  20. A book whose title begins with the last letter of your previous read
  21. A book about a band or musical group
  22. A book with a character on the ace spectrum
  23. A book with a recipe in it
  24. A book you can read in one sitting
  25. A book about a secret
  26. A book with a misleading title
  27. A Hugo Award winner
  28. A book set during a holiday
  29. A different book by an author you read in 2021
  30. A book with the name of a board game in the title
  31. A book featuring a man-made disaster
  32. A book with a quote from your favorite author on the cover or Amazon page
  33. A social-horror book
  34. A book set in Victorian times
  35. A book with a constellation on the cover or in the title
  36. A book you know nothing about
  37. A book about gender identity
  38. A book featuring a party
  39. An #OwnVoices SFF (science fiction and fantasy) book
  40. A book that fulfills your favorite prompt from a past POPSUGAR Reading Challenge


  1. A book with a reflected image on the cover or "mirror" in the title
  2. A book that features two languages
  3. A book with a palindromic title
  4. A duology (1)
  5. A duology (2)
  6. A book about someone leading a double life
  7. A book featuring a parallel reality
  8. A book with two POVs
  9. Two books set in twin towns, aka "sister cities" (1)
  10. Two books set in twin towns, aka "sister cities" (2)

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Book Challenge by Erin 16.0


Book Challenge by Erin 16.0 – Categories

• 5 points: Freebie – Read a book that is at least 200 pages

• 10 points: Read a book that’s first word starts with the letter C (the articles A, An, or The are allowed)

• 10 points: Read a book published in 2020 or 2021; these two years have been tough on many of us, but let’s celebrate books that were introduced to us these years

• 15 points: Read a book with the word one of the following words in the title: you, your, you’re, you’ll, you’ve, yourself

• 20 points: Read a book set on an island

• 20 points: Read a book from an indigenous or First Nations author; helpful link:

• 25 points: (selected by Nancy) – Read a memoir, biography, or autobiography
• 30 points: (selected by Vinay) – Read a book with one of these words in the title: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, or Joker; plural or possessive is okay (i.e. Aces or Ace’s) but variant of the word is not (i.e. can’t be kingdom or hijack); also, the word must be in the title of the book, not the author’s name (i.e. can’t be Jack Kerouac or Stephen King)

• 30 points: (selected by Carly) – Read a book of poetry or a book written in verse.

• 35 points: (selected by Kara Jo) – Read a book by Jane Austen, inspired by Jane Austen or a Jane Austen re-telling; helpful links:,,


Saturday, November 27, 2021

2022 Nonfiction Reader Challenge

 Doing this one again.


1. Social History

2. Popular Science

3. Language

4. Medical Memoir

5. Climate/Weather

6. Celebrity

7. Reference

8. Geography

9. Linked to a podcast

10. Wild Animals

11. Economics

12. Published in 2022

Friday, November 26, 2021

2022 Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge

 Another of my favorites, also at GirlXOXO, is now up.


JAN – Last, Kingdom, Girl, Dark, When, Winter, Light, Window

FEB – Midnight, Never, Into, Sun, Love, Good, Spell, Search

MAR – End, Fall, Loud, Queen, Woods, Nine, Beautiful, Crown

APR – Race, Now, Chose, While, Stop, Burn, Red, One

MAY – Thorn, Catch, Black, Under, City, Cloud, Sing, Legacy

JUN – Sea, You, Hate, Perfect, Shade, Until, Beach, Little

JUL – Star, Next, Infinity, Iron, Word, People, Rise, Clear

AUG – Breath, Case, Hundred, Day, Happy, Language, Stay, Lie

SEP – Bright, Here, Out, Life, Strange, Rule, Story, Salt

OCT – House, Bone, Haunt, Body, Blood, Witch, Murder, Mystery

NOV – Many, Boy, River, Fever, Down, Gold, Jade, Hill

DEC – Still, Cabin, Cafe, Night, Lake, By, Holiday, Fire