Saturday, August 17, 2013

Middle of August

I just wanted to get something on the blog this month.  Work has made it nearly impossible, even when off.  But today was a day off and it was weird weather in my neck of the woods. It looked like it should be cold outside, but I still felt hot when driving and in the house.   And last I looked, it's still August! The last few days have been warm, making it feel more like summer than last month.  Finding it hard to believe that it's nearly the end of summer, but knowing how weather gets in my area, there could be hot weather well into October.  Speaking of which, stores should be stocking Halloween soon.  It looks like I may not get to celebrate this year, though with the new work schedule.  Getting to go to karaoke has been nearly impossible, except to go after work on Friday night after getting off at 11PM, then arriving at the bar around 11:30 and leaving at or before 1AM, when karaoke ends.  I made it last night, however, to go to a farewell party for a bar patron who will be moving to Indiana.  I just had to see him one last time, and wish him luck, as well as hear him sing one last Johnny Cash song (this was his favorite artist to sing).  But I guess I'll just wait and see what happens a in few months.  Still hard to believe it's nearly the end of summer and that Labor Day is only two weeks from this Monday.  Time is sure going fast.  It's been a rough work transition, but I've done quite well.  Waiting to see what happens.