Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Erotic Romance Challenge 2014

Ok, this one now too.  Will be going for level one, since this is a bit new to me.  I have a few lined up already. Sign up for this one here.

Challenge runs from January 1, 2014 until December 31, 2014

The goal is to read at least 12 Erotic Romances in 2014! 
  • Level 1--12 erotic romances
  • Level 2--18 erotic romances
  • Level 3--24 erotic romances
  • Level 4--30-60 erotic romances
Added a couple extra levels for yall super readers ;)
  • Level 5--61-80 erotic romances
  • Level 6-- 81-100+ erotic romances
**Note**You can change your level at any time. It's just a starting point :)

**Note** I'll be adding a check list of ideas for those that would like to use that-- ex- BDSM, menage, dark erotica/romance, etc.

    What counts!
    • Every erotic romance you read and review in 2014
    • They can be any type of erotica-- paranormal, historical, m/m, contemporary, etc
    • All erotic romances over 100 pages in length--audio, ebook, print
    • Re-reads, cross overs from other challenges
    To Join! 
    • Grab the challenge button and create a post or page on your blog to track progress.
    • Non-bloggers you can use your Goodreads, LibraryThing, etc profiles. Just create a 2014 Erotic Romance Reading Challenge shelf 
    • Link your blog starting post/page or your Goodreads/etc challenge shelf in the linky below. 
    • We also have a closed FB group for the challenge. To join click HERE

    Sign Up HERE! Just include your Name and link to your challenge post/shelf. 

    Here is what I am reading for this one:

    1. Tangled--Emma Chase
    2. A Touch of Crimson--Sylvia Day
    3. Switch--Megan Hart
    4. Deeper--Megan Hart
    5. Suicide Blonde--Darcey Steinke
    6. Bared to You--Sylvia Day