Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Eclipse" was all right

Finally saw the current installment of the "Twilight" vampire movie series, "Eclipse" this afternoon.  It was at a 1PM matinee, something I rarely get to even on Saturday.  If I get to the movies on Saturdays, it's often later than 1PM.  

"Eclipse" was all right, not too different from the first two films as far as I can remember.   I only vaguely remember the books, having read them more than year ago.   But at least I read them before seeing the movies.   The first had already finished its theatrical run when I began reading the books.  I then saw the movie on DVD last summer.   

I'm not that great at writing movie reviews, incidentally. I attempted this a few times on and Netflix, but no one has ever found any of mine helpful.  

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