Saturday, March 31, 2012


Are you using Pinterest? A lot of people are, and that includes myself.   I signed up after seeing several Facebook friends were using Pinterest.  At first I was reluctant, but decided to sign up, but had to wait at first.  Then I finally was accepted, and was slow to begin pinning.  Now I have a total of nine boards so far, and have been pinning and repinning.  Today alone I created one new board to which I made 11 pins as of yet.  And I'm still pinning to ones I previously created.  And a lot of my pins have been repinned by others.  I only wonder how long this idea will last.  We'll see over time.

I have found numerous dessert recipes this way.  So many I don't know if I will have time to try them.  I used to like to try baking, but haven't really been in that mode much recently.  Same with crafts, and I do want to find time to make some stuff to try selling on  Etsy.  I just have to find time and energy for these kinds of things.   Reading, on the other hand, I have been dong a lot of lately and tow of my Pinterest boards are on books, those I fell are worth reading and some I want to read eventually.  And I began revisiting my childhood when I saw a friend posting a toy I once had.

My Pinterest experience so far...

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