Friday, October 31, 2014

Today is the Day

OK, I admit it, I slacked off on the countdown, afraid I would not get today off as requested, but I did.  But other things kept me from blogging the last week.  I've noticed every year during the countdown my posts get repetitive--quiz results, photos of my and others decorations, Netflix envelopes (but there are two more I have to share) and ranting about displays at stores. And trying to blog everyday with a grueling work schedule gets pretty hard. Nonetheless I still love the holiday and will be celebrating tonight as I always do.  

Just to let you know, it is raining today in my neck of the woods.  The first rain this year in months.  it's been coming down very hard since this afternoon.  The weather on the local news has been predicting rain for today for the last week and they were right.  It's like a triple whammy being Friday and Halloween as well as a a rainy night.  And the police will be out in full force being that's it's both a holiday and Friday.  They obviously worry about increased activity and will have to go through this again when the holiday is on Saturday next year.   If you're going out tonight, be careful and have fun.

Last Saturday I bought the Zombies lotto ticket and got $10.

And here are the two most recent Netflix envelopes I received.  Just had to share them, especially the one I got today.

More to come about tonight.

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