Sunday, August 9, 2015

Planning to Host My First Reading Challenge Next Year

After years of participating in other people's reading challenges, I decided a couple months ago to take a stab at hosting one of my own next year.  I mentioned this in an earlier post in June.

I've thought of doing this since I began doing challenges in 2013.  But no real idea for one hit me until recently.  I knew I did not need to do one based on themes such animals, mysteries, romance, colors, food and such, since plenty of those challenges exist already. And there are already plenty of those consisting of lists or Bingo-like grids with categories such as "your favorite childhood book," "a Pulitzer-prize winning book," or "a book with a number in the title."  I love these challenges and do them all the time, but I wanted to do something different.  I just didn't know what until now.

I'm still keeping the idea under wraps until I get my sign-up post done.  I hope to have it up in either November or December when all the blogs begin posting their challenges for the coming year.  But I will tell you this--whatever your preferred reading genre(s) is/are, you will find something that fits what I have planned.  And I am surprised no one else ever came up with the idea I have planned.  Stay tuned to my blog to see what it will be about.   I will be including the post on A Novel Challenge as well,  once it is done.

Meanwhile, I need some help getting started. I asked this at the end of the blogpost linked in the first paragraph.  I need to know where I can get pictures to but on my blogpost and which link up service is cheapest to use for up to a year.  And how I can modify images without Photoshop.  I've looked on these two sites already for images: Dreamtime Stock Photography and  This will all be something new to me,  that is why I am planning now. (I've actually had the idea since May).  Any help for this will be appreciated.  Please leave a comment below with any help you can give me.  TIA.

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