Sunday, May 29, 2016

Next Steps in Editing

Last night I was wide awake and began editing what I had printed, checking mainly for spelling errors and spacing errors (either failing to space between words and typing a little too much space).  I also started deleting what I found unnecessary or repetitive. I had begun done this when converting my handwritten story to typed form, but I'm still finding repetitive or unnecessary pieces of writing. It's the way writing works, I guess :-)

While editing my printed form, I was having flashbacks to my high school journalism class and the editing symbols we used. I remembered many of them, but don't always do it that way when editing. Some of those shown below I don't seem to remember learning:

Any of you writers out there--do you use these symbols when editing?  Most of the time, when I began editing my work, I would just cross out misspelled words and write the correct spelling above it.  I don't seem to remember that first one mentioned in the photo. I tend to just cross out a word that needs to be deleted. I guess each person has their way of  doing this.  

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