Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Reading This Year So Far

It's already the middle of June, meaning the year is almost half-over, which seems unbelievable.  I decided to to a mid-year post on my reading this year so far.  Thus far, I've finished seven of the challenges I signed up for this year.
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The first one I completed was What's in a Name? on the first day of March. I always seem to finish this one first each year! Probably because there are only six categories to complete.  This was followed 12 days later by the completion of the Title Fight Challenge.  This one required seven books.
Title Fight Button 2016In April, I decided to call the Ancient Greek Challenge complete after three books, since I had attempted the first level.  For the Poetry Challenge, I went over the 10 books needed for the highest level and decided to call it done after that. And I finished the Mocha Girls Read Challenge, having chosen only to do the spell-out option.


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For the Alphabet Soup Challenge I counted the first book I read that started with each letter of the alphabet.  I managed to find ones for what the site calls the "pesky letters" Q, X and Z without having to use a word other than the first one in the title.   This was the only challenge I completed in May.

The next one I finished was the Color-Coded Challenge on June 2.  This has been one of my favorites for the last three years. In January, I managed to read a series in that had all color titles.  And my first read of this year was Brown Girl Dreaming, so I got an early start on this challenge. I think this is the quickest I've ever completed this one. 

Last year, I saw several of the blogs hosting the challenges I was doing get deleted by midyear.  Two such challenges were picked up by other sites,allowing me to continue. But two others disappeared completely, forcing me to call those two complete.  
Literary Loners Reading Challenge 2016
So far this year, I have not encountered this problem with any of the challenges I'm in.  But as the first-time host of a reading challenge, I was a little annoyed when I saw that some of the participants have deleted their blogs.  I did not know how many participants to expect when I first came up with the idea and was glad to see some people sign up.  One has already finished after reading five books (there are no levels).

And just the other day, I checked the hosting blog of another challenge I did this year. I've loved doing the Book to Movie Challenge since I read a lot of books that have had film adaptations. Although the blog is still around, the challenge has been discontinued as of June 2, because of a lack of interest and participation :-( I did not see this until yesterday, so I decided to call this one complete as well. Even though I'll probably read more books that have or will become movies :-)

As far as my other challenges go, I'm not yet sure how many more I will read for each of those or how much longer it will take me to complete those checklist and bingo-like challenges.  And as for my own challenge, I've read 16 books as of yet.  I know it's only June, but the other day  came up with an idea for a challenge next year. I want to try this new challenge idea (keep reading my blog to see what it is), and will see how any people I get for this one. But I am not certain about offering my current one again.  This was only first time hosting a challenge and I only wanted to to one to start with. Maybe next time I can handle more than one, but am uncertain as of yet.

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  1. Wow, great progress on your challenges! That's a bummer that some challenges end early for lack of participation. If there were supposed to be frequent prizes or link-ups or whatnot, I can definitely understand ending early if only a couple people are consistently keeping up with it. I don't think very many people have linked up reviews for the challenge I host, but I don't really do any of those extras throughout the year. I myself struggle with reviewing what I read for challenges anyway, so I often just end up doing the reading part and not any of the "extras!"