Wednesday, January 3, 2018

PoeTRY Something New 2018

Hmm. not sure what to try, but I'll think of something. Click here.

2017 got away from me at the end of the year, but I wanted to get this post up early for those interested in continuing their poetry reading in 2018.
I love seeing which books others read, and I often add new books to my ever-growing TBR list of poetry books. I’m sure 2018 will be no different.
If you’re interested in reading poetry this year, challenge yourself to try something new. Read a single volume of poetry outside your comfort zone. 
If you normally read classic poetry, read a contemporary volume. 


  1. Thanks for joining the poetry challenge.

  2. Hope you've had a great weekend. Another interesting challenge.

  3. The weekend has rolled around again. Have a good one, Jamie.