Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Trying to Work on It More

About two days ago, I redid a portion of my memoir, the first I've worked on it since the new year began. But that's all so far. I keep planning to get back to it, but have only done that one so far. I still have to decide how to finish my diary novel. Have many of you tried working on more than one story at once?


  1. YES! And it's so tough. Inevitably, one project loves me more than the others each day, and there's no telling which one will will out. I've decided not to let the projects decide anymore. ;)

  2. Hi Jamie! I’m writing a series so I’ve worked on more than one book at a time but they are related to each other. It’s hard to split my focus though and I’d rather finish one then the other. ♥️

  3. Yes. For awhile I rotated in and out;)