Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Words For Wednesday

It's been a while since I've done this prompt. This month's words were by Cindi at Letting the Words Escape.

  1. bloody
  2. confidence
  3. ranger
  4. Apollo
  5. submarine
  6. Byron
  1. dictionary
  2. groundhog
  3. dancing
  4. rain
  5. silent
  6. Germany

It had been an interesting first semester of college for Josh. For his English composition class, he had to read both the works of Lord Byron and the philosophies of Apollo. He also had to read works by various British authors and stumbled upon the British use of "bloody," a context with which he was unfamiliar and for which he needed to insult a dictionary.

For his history requirement, he had chosen a class on the Holocaust. It was interesting to learn about Germany during the war and the submarines and other means of transport during the war.

For the since requirements, he'd chosen meteorology. It was fun learning about the weather, and one day as it was raining, the class watched the rain from the window. Another student then spotted a groundhog running across the pavement outside the building. "It was as if  Groundhog Day had come at the wrong time of the year," the other student said, after the groundhog had disappeared form the class's sight. On another day, a park ranger came to the class to do a slide presentation on snow in the mountains. 

When the semester was over, Josh and gained a  lot of knowledge and a confidence toward beginning his next round of classes in college. He then expressed his once silent desire to go out dancing in celebration.

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  1. well done! a good use of the prompts, and Josh sounds like he has interesting classes!