Sunday, March 11, 2018

Back to Editing

Unable to get to sleep last night, I picked up my most recent print-out of my memoir and began looking over it in bed. I had promised myself I'd get back to it soon and that was when I did it. I only got through the prologue and the first two chapters until I got too tired to do any more, but will pick up sometime today, again down as much as I can. And type what I have written in the margins of the current print--out.

It's amazing how much you can miss each time you look over what you have written. I found several errors that I had missed previously. And how much you want to add. It has been some time since I last looked it over. but many have said that waiting a while and then looking at something with fresh eyes is good to do. This is exactly what I have done. 

I still ask myself how much longer can the story go on? I've seen books of this sort in various lengths. 

And as for what else i have been working on--I'm still questioning how much longer I can make that one, or possibly write a second book for that one. I'm also still deciding if I want to put that story on Wattpad. Who knows who might see it there. Several Wattpad authors have had their on the site books published.


  1. Fresh eyes can be wonderful can't they? Good luck.

  2. I always find something I've missed, every time I edit.
    Let us know what you decide about WattPad.

  3. Another trick to finding errors is sending the document to your Kindle and having the Kindle read it aloud to you using text to speech. I use that more in the final proofreading stages because the Kindle can only read what your wrote, not what you meant to write. Hence, typos, missing words, etc. jump right out at you as you listen.

  4. Good for you for being productive when you couldn't sleep.